Dec 29 2005

Wilson Met Fitzgerald

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While this general story is cute about the Wilson twins (who are about 6 months younger than our twin daughters), the real surprising gem is that Joe Wilson talked to Fitzgerald quite recently:

Wilson said he does not know how the current investigation was progressing and has only spoken to the special prosecutor twice, most recently in late September.

That puts his latest questioning by Fitzgerald 4 weeks prior to the Libby indictments.

Not sure if this means anything at all. But Valerie seems to fed up with the media, and probably is getting fed up with her media crazed husband

Plame would not be interviewed and stood out of hearing distance with the other twin.

Mac Ranger is of the opinion (through his sources) that the recent spat of leaks on the CIA and NSA classified activities may become an opportunity for Fitzgerald redeem himself and investigate real crimes (as opposed to faulty memories on marginal issues unrelated to the primary investigation).

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  1. az redneck says:

    My computer problems and the sheer volume of your writing today leaves me uncertain where to post. I guess it doesn’t matter, since they’re all intertwined.
    First, thanks for pointing out FISA is not the last word on NSA. From the very first snip I read on the 2002 FISA Review Court, it was obvious that the Constitution should rule over FISA, since Congress cannot change it, anymore than the Pres.
    Unfortunately, no one has seen fit (or dared) to take it to SCOTUS for a definitive judgement, but that may be changing with Padilla and others.
    I think that everyone would agree that the problem with NSA processes is the potential for abuses of power. Whether it was Roosevelt and ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan and his 12 Disciples, Johnson with civil rights leaders and political enemies, Watergate or the Echelon abuses I posted here earlier, every administration suffers from attempts at power grabs. Who is to watch the watcher? CIA, State Dept, Congress or Presidents are ALL untrustworthy when power is involved, and it seems to have been getting worse. Try out this record, for example:

    For myself, I think that we are fortunate to have our current pres. He seems to me to have higher standards and a committment to morals in government than any I’ve seen. I have yet to see CREDIBLE evidence of any wrongdoing on his part and will continue to support him until someone provides it. If Libby has committed a crime, let him pay the price, but let’s wait for a trial!
    In the meantime, there’s plenty to clean up–but how many of those people did he bring with him versus how many did he inherit?

  2. rygnn2 says:

    First there is the FISA issue in regards to the spying debate, then they said Senate hearings are next. Now there is the new revelation about cookies, what is going on? Is this Sesame Street? Should we be afraid of the cookie monster? This will have the paranoid all riled up again to rally against Bush and the NSA. Most have no idea what a cookie is used for but this revelation will get them riled none the less.
    Do you really feel violated by this revelation or is it something you will easily just dismiss? Many feel the evidence is piling up and they feel their privacy is being stripped away, others feel this is just another necessity that reflects the times we live in.
    Raymond B

  3. Larwyn says:

    CNN and MSNBC leave cookies on my computer – and most of
    the time I don’t know how as I don’t use their sites directly. But
    at times I have linked to Slate thru another blog that provided the

    Just last night I cleared out over 120 cookies that had built up
    over past two weeks and inavertantly removed the one for commenting
    on Irish Pennants and also Gates of Vienna.

    So I hope someone blows the lid off the CNN and MSNBC cookies.

  4. mary mapes says:

    This was reported on–in the LA Times at the time—Fitz called Wilson the day before Judy Miller was to testify…Tom Hamburger Byline.