Sep 25 2010

Colbert A Fitting End To A Dysfunctional Democrat Congress

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Lame PR Stunts. That is all this liberal, disconnected and foolish Congress has been about under President Obama. Much of it is Obama’s fault, being inexperienced and not knowing how to reign in Congress or how to solve the nation’s challenges. It seems his golf game is now his escape mechanism from reality.

But the Democrat Congress underlined what an inept joke they are by bringing a joker to testify as if he was a conservative speaker.

Ditching his “prepared” testimony, Colbert delivered a punch-lined discourse on his chief qualification as an expert on the issue: A 10-hour stint working the fields. Staying in the character of a faux TV newsman, he also threw in a few one-liners more suitable for a late-night show on Comedy Central or Cinemax than morning C-SPAN.

“No doubt we just locked up the Comedy Channel vote,” Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis chided. “My opinion, we should forget social satirists. Given Congress’ low approval, maybe we should invite the ‘Glee’ cast to perform next.”

While Colbert might have killed it for his “nation” of TV followers, he bombed with political strategists and analysts in both parties.

For a Democratic majority that has had difficulty demonstrating to voters that its policies are addressing their needs, Colbert provided another day off message and, perhaps, an emblem of a party that has lost its footing as it limps toward a preelection adjournment.

Was it ‘bring in the clowns day’ – or just a getting together for famous clowns (Congress being littered with them). Why would anyone think Congress is an inept waste of time with this stupid stunt? It sure removed any hesitation to vote this crop of fools out.

Even the compliant media began to realize this was a horrible insult to serious Americans facing serious challenges. Follow the link if you think you can stomach watching this mess. Watch the liberals make a joke out our constitutional form of government, our great nation. If they are going to have actors testify and make things up – do we really need a full time Congress (and its price tag)?

And these people are the ones supposedly coming to fix our health care!

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One Response to “Colbert A Fitting End To A Dysfunctional Democrat Congress”

  1. WWS says:

    The only purpose I can see for Colbert’s testimony was to take attention away from the serious testimony yesterday – the fact that there is now testimony, under oath, that our “Justice” department voter rights cases are all race based, with this simple dogma: White Bad, Black Good! (reminds you of Orwell, doesn’t it? 2 legs bad, 4 legs good?)

    And that’s exactly why the Black Panther intimidation case was dismissed. We have today, quite literally, the most viciously racist and illegally discriminatory “Justice” department that this country has ever seen. To borrow that title of a popular book, it is not just wrong – it is Evil.