Mar 27 2006

Goodbye Freedom of Speech, to Protest and From Warrantless Searches

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I like Junkyard Blog a lot – so it pains me to point out this idea of rounding up illegals because immigrants protest is just the kind of unconstitutional hysteria I was saying we can do without in this country:

Here’s an idea. The next time they have one of these big rallies, send in the ICE and round ‘em up, check their immigration status and send ‘em back if they’re here illegally. It’s mass deporation made easy. No police state required.

That would have a chilling effect on future obnoxious mass protests, and might start the ball rolling to get some of these illegals out of here without Hillary’s nightmare coming true.

So, in order to appease Malkin’s and Preston’s frustration with immigration we will throw out Freedom to Congregate and Protest. We will replace it with Gestapo-like searches of people’s papers, to make sure they have permission to speak out. In what would clearly be an act of unwarranted searches people would be intimidated from the very things that make America what it is.

Malkin points out there are some bad apples in the pro immigration side. Well, duh! But that doesn’t make the entire immigrant population bad or evil. I hate people who use broad brushes to malign large groups based on simple minded stereo-types. I guess I am going to be losing more blog allies over this post. But there are limits to what any good person should be asked to tolerate. This is what I posted on earlier, the kind of discussion we don’t need and is well below what this country is capable of providing.

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10 Responses to “Goodbye Freedom of Speech, to Protest and From Warrantless Searches”

  1. sammy small says:

    By and large I agree with what you are saying. I am curious though as to why those already here would march for open borders. This must be nirvana for marchers to want everyone else to abandon their homeland and share in the experience. However everyone drowns if the floodgates are opened.

    This hints at a point that I don’t think you’ve touched on yet. That is the “melting pot” idea. In order to assimilate into this melting pot, only so many immigrants can be absorbed over any given period of time. Now I don’t pretend to know the number, but a deluge of immigrants from one location in this day and age will guarantee that nothing can be assimilated adequately. The result will increase the negative aspects of immigration by orders of magnitude along with the resulting backlash.

  2. HaroldHutchison says:

    I submit that “Americanization” is a two-way street, and in many ways, the nativists on the right have impeded it as much as the multiculturalists have. Why would people want to “Americanize” when there’s a distinct “we don’t want you here” attitude?

  3. HaroldHutchison says:

    Michelle also ought to keep in mind that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    When two founders of Redstate (I know they are on your bad list, but still…) are calling people she cites approvingly “Evilcons” on the grounds that they are bigots – there’s probably something to that charge.

  4. retire05 says:

    The freedom of speech, the right to assembly, warrentless searches; are those all not freedoms guaranteed to American citizens by the Constitution?
    Since when does our Constitution cover those who are not citizens that are are here illegally? If they are illegal, they also have the right to be arrested and deported. Seems if they want to take the good, they also have to take the bad.

  5. az redneck says:

    While I agree with Retireo5, I would be willing to bet that most protestors, in LA and Phoenix at least, were citizens.
    Weird, because a very large percentage of Hispanic citizens would be as hard on illegals as many anglos.

  6. AJStrata says:


    Not having proper work papers is not a crime worthy of being pulled from your job, your schools and your house and dumped on the street.

    Where is your sense of humanity? It is simply paperwork. Did you file your income taxes on time all the time? And even if you did, would you accept being fired for not doing it on time? We are a country of laws you know!

  7. Terrye says:

    I agree with AJ, in fact lately I refuse to even visit Malkin’s site. She is getting more extreme all the time.

    This is America and whether we like it or not people have a right to march and wave flags. Other people have a right to not like what they see. That does not mean we can haul the flag wavers off to jail.

    There are 11 million illegals in this country and most of them are decent people. Talk of mass deportations is insane. Michael Barone made the point that 11 million is roughly the population of the state of Ohio. This problem did not get to this point over night and it will not be solved over night either. I support stricter border security and getting control of the immigration problem, but I don’t want to see people hauled off in cattle cars or something stupid like that.

    BTW, back before the Civil War there was a bunch of people called the Know Nothings. They were anti immigrant and and they remind me a lot of Malkin and her ilk. Back then there was just immigration, not legal or illegal, otherwise the ancestors of a lot of us today would have been illegal. As if that would matter to the people who are going to use this to bash Bush. as usual. The left calls him Hitler and the right treats him like he is looking the other way in the face of mass invasion from an evil and alien country.

    In fact it seems to me that Frist and Bush have a possible compromise but it is the chest pounding America firsters in the Congress who most likely to demagogue the issue, split the Republican party and further damage Bush…for no other reason than personal political gain. Meanwhile the Democrats are promising a filibuster if they can pull one off. At least Bush seems to be trying to come up with a responsible and workable solution to a complicated problem, while Malkin is getting hysterical…again.

  8. retire05 says:

    AJ, so that is how you argue your point? To question my humanity? Isn’t that the argument of the left? That we, who are sick of the abuse, have no humanity? Gee, I thought when I came here to Mississippi three months ago and volunteered to help hurricane victims, on my own dime, that I brought it with me. But according to you, I seem to have lost it. What is next? Are you going to call me a
    “white supremist”? Well, I happen to be in good company like Barbara Jordan.
    Have I always filed my income tax on time? YES. Do I like all laws? No. Do I break them just because I don’t like them? No. Would I go to another nation and break their laws? NO.
    Perhaps I lost my humanity toward illegals when my school taxes went up to $4,500 a year on my small house because 25% of the kids in my district are illegal. Perhaps it is because I am tired of seeing my ballot in Spanish. Perhaps it is because I realize that the costs outweigh the benefits when it comes to illegals. Perhaps it is because I have to leave the door open on the shack at the deer lease because if I don’t I go back to find it broken and all the food is stolen and then I have to scub it out because it smells like urine. Perhaps it is because I get tired of paying high uninsured motorist insurance so that when the illegal hits my car and has no insurance that I can get my car fixed. Perhaps it is because my teenager cannot get a job at McDonald’s. Perhaps it is because I knew the three people in Weimer, Texas that were killed by Angel Resendez, who was an illegal.
    Perhaps it is because they BROKE THE DAMN LAW.

    Just proper paper work? Can you get a driver’s license without the proper paper work? How about a job? Need to do the application? How about a loan from the bank? Need the proper paper work for that, AJ?
    Maybe you need to go live in Larado, Texas for a year. Maybe you need to experience what we, in the border states, go through every day. But then, perhaps you wouldn’t mind, if you earned your living raising cattle down in Kennedy County, if you lost 2-3 heifers, valued at $200.00, each a week to illegals who killed them.
    Where is your humanity, AJ. Do you not care that the cayotes are leaving these illegals to die in the Arizona desert? Do you not care that they dump them with no food after the young female illegals have been raped? Do you not care that they live 20 to a one bedroom apartment so that they can send their money back to Mexico.
    It is not their schools or their homes. The schools belong to the American tax payer. They do not fit that criteria. Do you not care that 50% of them wind up on the taxpayer dole? Do you not care that we do not have enough prison space to house American criminals because we are housing illegal criminals? Do you not care that the border states are going to run out of water as soon as 2015? Do you not care that we are creating a whole new “slave” society? A society that is willing to work for less than minimum wage? Do you not care that TB is running rampant in the colonias along the border, inside the U.S?

    So what do you want to do? Do you want to cherry pick our laws and if they are not convenient for any one segment of our society we just ignore them?
    Yes, we are a nation of laws. And law breakers should not be rewarded by allowing to continue to violate those laws. But it seems that it is you who has forgotten that we are a nation of laws and the observance of those laws is what makes a society orderly.

  9. retire05 says:

    AJ, where is my humanity? Isn’t that what the left says when we on the right expect personal responsibility from our citizens? So you have decided to degrade your argument to my not caring about other humans? Gee, I thought when I came to Mississippi to volunteer to help Katrina victims, on my own dime, that I brought my humanity with me. I guess not, according to you.
    Simple paper work, AJ? No, it is a matter of following the laws of the nation that you want to work in.
    Have I ever filed my taxes late? NO
    Do I agree with all the laws of our land? NO
    Do I break those laws because I don’t agree with them? NO

    So what would you do? Would you not cherry pick our laws so that if they are objected to because a certain segment of our society doesn’t like them we can just eliminate them or ignore them?

    Here is a suggestion, AJ. Move to Larado, Texas for a year. Have your school taxes increase 30% over the last four years because 25% of your school district is illegals. Have your automobile insurance increase because you were hit by a uninsured illlegal. Spend the extra money to have ballots, utitility bills, and everything else printed in Spanish. Try making a living off cattle when you loose $200-600 a week in cattle killed by illegals. Go help the people you find in the desert that are left behind by the cayotes. Comfort the women who are raped by these slugs and left to die. Do you feel any humanity for them?

    Yes, AJ, we are a nation of laws. Not just the laws that are convenient. Without laws, we cannot remain a nation of order. You would be well to remember that. But you see, I don’t think you really have a clue about the realities of illlegal immigration.

  10. lmba says:

    I am against amnesty.
    We have all of these immigrants and illegals working here in our country taking up jobs that could employ our thousands of unemployed. Why should they be allowed to stay and work at the jobs here. Ok so to speak if they are legal then first offer the jobs that are available to all of our natural citizens first and then if anything is left over let the legal immigrants have them. The illegals- no doubt in my mind- deport them all back to where they came from. America needs to start taking care of their own first. Dont let the immigrants apply for our social security and welfare programs. If thats what they want to do let them go back to their own countries and let their country support them. Just that cut alone would save us millions of tax dollars. Why are we paying for unemployment for natural American citizens when there are thousands of jobs they could fulfill that are being held by illegals and immigrants. Our country is getting poorer and poorer supporting those that do not belong in our country to start with. What about the starving and homeless here in the United States. Take care of our own first before lifting a hand taking care of those that do not belong to us. Our country wouldnt be in such a poor shape with all the homeless and hungry Americans if we would see to our own countries needs first. Do you see other countries letting us in to work at their jobs, feeding our hungry and working to house our homeless. I think not. They take care of their own first. So I say deport all the illegals. Do not give temporary work green cards. Do not give immigrants jobs until our own unemployment levels are down. Do not give them welfare and social security. Start extending our money and programs to help our own people first. Then with what may or may not be left over feel free to extend to people of other countries.