Mar 27 2006

The Joys Of Life

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On March 11th I posted on the how great a day we had when one of the twins learned to ride a two wheeler. Well Saturday the other twin took to the streets as she too learned the fun of riding a bike. It still amazes me how fast it happens, in the span of mayb 10 minutes a child will go from unable to ride to riding just great.

On Sunday, LJStrata and I dusted off two adult sized bikes, put air in the tires which have been airless for a few years, and took the 6 1/2 year olds for a short tour of the neighborhood – showing them the safety tips along the way. Their legs were tired at then end of it and one fell asleep hard later in the evening. But as always with a great day, it ends in elation and exhaustion.

And yes, that was the day the GMU Patriots topped U Conn in the elite 8!

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