Jan 16 2011

Worst Officiated Game Evah!

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We watched the Ravens-Steelers playoff game with a growing sense of disgust as one bizarre call after another was made against the Ravens. A touchdown called back because a Steeler fell down (not pulled down) and some dumb call for holding on a defensive lineman stopping a run. Who knew tackling or blocking was holding!

There were also just as obviously a series of non-calls on the Steelers, where offensive holding and blocks in the back (basically tackles) were magically missed by the keen eyed officials.

Both teams deserved a fair game – but the NFL is apparently not up for football anymore. It has sadly turned the game of football into a Zebra show.

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6 Responses to “Worst Officiated Game Evah!”

  1. WWS says:

    careful, you’re sounding like Bo Pelini!

    but the real question is: on 3rd and 19, with 8 men deep, HOW did Baltimore let Antonio Brown get behind EVERYBODY? With the game on the line???

    In related news, the mass bird kills that have been reported across the country are continuing. A large group of Falcons turned up dead in Atlanta yesterday, and it seems similar to the incident last week where 53 Eagles were killed in Philadelphia.

    in both cases, experts feel that a large and brutal Pack of some kind was responsible.

  2. Dan Kurt says:

    re: Worst Officiated Game Evah!

    Could it be that A. J. Strata is a Baltimore fanboy? If so he cannot be trusted.

    Let me explain: 1) The Ravens are really the Cleveland Browns; 2) Steelers v. [Ravens] Browns are grudge matchs much as the battles between the Hatfields and McCoys; 3) viewed by partisans of either side what happens on the field cannot be understood by those minds as the emotional overlays in those minds cloud perceived reality.

    As my Ph.D. (Ivy League) but Bronx Bred wife would say: Al, get over it!

    Dan Kurt

  3. AJStrata says:

    Sorry Danny-Boy – could care less about either team.

    Seems you might need to be the one to get over a cheap win.

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  5. ivehadit says:

    AJ, my spouse and I had the exact same view as your’s. Very poor officiating…

    WWS, you are too funny! Very clever…
    Roll Tide, btw. And we even have allowed a few War Eagles this year, lol!

  6. crosspatch says:

    Eh, so the Steelers have better referees than the Ravens do!

    I remember the same thing happening in baseball when the Orioles played the Yankees in the playoffs several years back. In the first game there was an obvious case of fan interference (fan reached out and snatched the ball in front of the Oriole outfielder’s glove) but the umpire called it a home run for the Yankees. The rest of the series was the same way. Every close play, every close pitch, always went in favor of the Yankees. I remember thinking at the time that those umpires must have cost the Yankees a fortune.