Apr 22 2006

Kerry The Idiot

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John Kerry is the clumsiest, most foibled politician I have ever seen.  How he keeps getting elected is beyond me.  On the day President Bush announces a ground breaking event of historic interest in Iraq, Kerry is giving a speech on why we should surrender, and why it is not such a terrible idea.

Bush on the new, permanent government in Iraq today (but do note the pessimistic headline by AP in the linked article):

This historic achievement by determined Iraqis will make America more secure,” he said.


“Formation of a new Iraqi government is an opportunity for America to open a new chapter in our partnership with the Iraqi people,” Bush said.

Kerry on Iraq today:

The true defeatists today are not those who call for recognizing the facts on the ground in Iraq. The true defeatists are those who believe America is so weak that it must sacrifice its principles to the pursuit of illusory power.

The true pessimists today are not those who know that America can handle the truth about the Administration’s boastful claim of “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. The true pessimists are those who cannot accept that America’s power and prestige depend on our credibility at home and around the world. The true pessimists are those who do not understand that fidelity to our principles is as critical to national security as our military power itself.

And the most dangerous defeatists, the most dispiriting pessimists, are those who invoke September 11th to argue that our traditional values are a luxury we can no longer afford.

Let’s call it the Bush-Cheney Doctrine.

Emphasis mine.  Let’s just call Kerry what he is: a bumbling clown. Because the facts on the ground are we are winning and the terrorists are losing.

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  1. wickedpinto says:

    Liar, and retard.

  2. bloodyspartan says:

    You forgot a treasonous, traiterous power mad fool!

  3. AJStrata says:


    You give Kerry too much credit.