Apr 22 2006

What The CIA Is Not Doing

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What is the CIA not doing while it is spending all its time making partisan media leaks and tipping off the enemy? Good questions from Varifrank:

4. How many “dots” are not being “connected” because half of the CIA is sitting in its cubicles frothing at the mouth in hatred over the words “President Bush”. How many people have died due to someone elses Bush Derangement Syndrome?

5. At what point does the actions of someone like McCarthy stop being a “Leak” and start being a form of “shadow government”?

6. Its supposed to be the “Central Intelligence Agency”, not the “Central Policy Agency”. We didnt elect you Dr. McCarthy, you are not “the decider”; its not your call.

Yes, what are all these folks not doing when they are leaking to the press? Dereliction of duty comes to mind. Hat Tip: Dr Sanity

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