Sep 13 2011

The Great Social Security Debate In The GOP

Lots of interesting reactions to the GOP debate and its focus on Social Security. At Hot Air Allahpundit wonders why anyone would even broach the subject:

Remind me again, then: Why are we obsessing over Social Security when it’s universally understood among politicos that Medicare is a much bigger/more immediate problem?

I sense a lot of impotent political wincing going on. But I think everyone should look at this differently.

At least the GOP side is HAVING the needed debate on the solvency of Social Security, and we can decide who is just kicking this ticking time bomb down the road instead of dealing with it. Now is a time to fix Social Security without lots of pain and suffering (what liberal likes to call ‘sacrifice’).

We need political leaders willing and able to take on tough subjects and broken sacred cows. There are a lot of broken sacred cows in our dysfunctional and bankrupt government. None of them alone will right our government and its spending problems. That is the right approach – not the easy approach. If not now, when? Let the debate happen, and let America see people willing to bring change we can rely on.

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2 Responses to “The Great Social Security Debate In The GOP”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    Perry is right that Social Security needs serious conversation in a very pro-active way.

    It’s another interesting debate. I see at twitter a lot of defense of Perry’s actions on HPV. Michelle Malkin republished her article claiming that there was no Opt-out at all.

    I’m guessing that Perry will win this one as he did with social security. Perry made Romney and Bachmann look bad. Then Bachmann went after Perry on HPV. Santorum also went after Perry. However, I think this will backfire on them.

    What Perry is not going to be able to get away from is his crony capitalism so he’s going to need to come up with a very good response.

    Immigration is going to be an albatross on Perry’s neck, too.

    I’m surprised TTC hasn’t come up yet.

    Perry is going to need to work on his debate abilities. When he’s pushed into a corner, he’s lost and unprepared. His foreign policy was shown to be weak.

    Also, wait and see how Bachmann will be attacked. The Perry supporter twitted that not one girl got an injection from Perry’s short-termed EO. The Perry supporters are focusing on the “little girls” attack while ignoring the claims of crony capitalism.

  2. WWS says:

    You know I’m a Perry supporter – but Romney has been putting in a very strong performance in these debates. I hope Perry wins the nomination, but at least now I won’t feel too bad if I have to vote for Romney in the general. And I can see either of them beating Obama.