Sep 18 2011

The Left’s Slow Implosion – Will America Become Anxious To Move Past Obama?

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Major Update: The Obama White House will be burned down by green greed ($$$$) and fraudulant solar power investment. Ironic, isn’t it?

It turns out that the bureaucrat responsible for overseeing Solyndra had direct financial ties to Obama and Solyndra:

Steve Spinner, who helped monitor the Energy Department’s issuance of $25 billion in government loan guarantees to renewable energy projects, was one of Obama’s top fundraisers in 2008 and is raising money for the president’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Spinner did not have any role in the selection of applicants for the loan program and, in fact, was recused from the decision to grant a $535-million loan guarantee to Solyndra Inc. because his wife’s law firm represented the company, administration officials said Friday.

Good lord – a complete FUBAR. There is no need for Spinner to be involved in ‘a selection process’ that has already made the selection per political directives. As has been made clear (see ‘lawyer’s view” link below) Solyndra’s selection was set in motion 6 days after Obama took office – and after the Bush administration had rejected the company as a viable candidate. One way to get access is through spouses – so messages could easily (and verbally) move from Solyndra to the Department of Energy without any concern of exposure or miscommunication. Oldest DC trick in the book.

Obama is about to make Watergate look like a mild political joke in comparison. And we all know how that turned out for the GOP in 1976! – end update

Just as we could see the writing on the wall for the GOP well before the 2008 elections, and the Dems well before the 2010 elections, the wheels set in motion for 2012 are already pointed in their set direction and turning inexorably  towards our next political pivot point. At this moment in time and history, unless something major happens to deflect the current momentum and its direction, Obama and the Dems are heading towards another round of political shellacking.

Mark Steyn – as is his wont – has penned some excellent points that drive home how stuck on stupid Obama and the left have become after 3 years of ignored warning signs from the markets, main street and the electorate:

Simply as a matter of humdrum reality, there is no bill, it won’t “create” any jobs, and it will be paid for with money we don’t have. But the smartest president in history has calculated that, if he says the same four monosyllables over and over, a nonexistent bill to create nonexistent jobs with nonexistent money will be yet another legislative triumph in the grand tradition of his first stimulus

Does anything better sum up the decades’ long problem with DC? How many times have the worshipers to The-God-of-Big-Government claimed the money they deprive of our workers and main street will solve any and all problems, only to fail abysmally when all is said and done?

The left are so entrenched in their failed dogma (the stuck on stupid part) they still fail to even consider the option of sharing responsibility with others by abandoning their knee jerk resistance to lower taxes and smaller government. Think of the new dynamics if the GOP was actually a partner in this next year of policy. But there is no compromise from the left – none.

Which is why Obama has put forth the dumbest Hail Mary plan ever conceived in modern politics. His plan embodies all the irritation points the electorate has been signalling the left to end for two and half years.

Steyn puts it concisely here

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that Washington was in the grip of a white-knuckle, clenched-teeth showdown over whether a debt ceiling deal could be reached before the allegedly looming deadline. When the deal was triumphantly unveiled at the eleventh hour, it was revealed that our sober, prudent, fiscally responsible masters had gotten control of the runaway spending and had carved (according to the most optimistic analysis) a whole $7 billion of savings out of the 2012 budget. The president then airily breezes into Congress and in 20 minutes adds another $447 billion to the tab.

Massive debt and deficits, wasteful spending, lack of jobs – this plan hits them all, the wrong way. Can anyone be (or appear to be) more incoherent?  Worse, Obama is trying to claim this mythical bill will create jobs quickly – which we all know won’t happen ever since the stimulus bill of 2009 epically failed. Even if Obama got his wishes for 2012, it takes a year for government trickle down money (i.e., Keynesian Economics) to start to impact jobs. So again, we will go into debt on promises of future mythical results. Tiresome to the nth degree.

Against this backdrop of incoherence is a larger tale of criminal cronyism. One which is going to be deadly to the left’s image and character. The Solyndra scandal has already reached deep into the White House, with clear ties to big Democrat donors. Donors who appear to be walking away and leaving their costly mistakes for the American tax payer to clean up:

The Obama administration restructured a half-billion dollar federal loan to a troubled solar energy company in such a way that private investors — including a fundraiser for President Barack Obama — moved ahead of taxpayers for repayment in case of a default, government records show.

Update: A lawyers view of the Solyndra scandalend update

Why can’t Solyndra be responsible for its own screw ups? Why do ordinary citizens – with no chance of financial reward if things had worked out – be the ones who have to pick up the tab? And why did the White House make this change AFTER it was clear Solyndra was going to default? This is an abuse of power, plain and simple. This is not complicated, vague or unclear with reasonable doubt. Every tax payer is a victim with the right of regress against the perpetrators of this theft.

While people in DC perceive these two stories as isolated and independent (part of that haze newbies to DC fail to grasp when they  come here and only see reality from inside the compartmentalized and distorted DC echo chamber) the nation sees this as what it –  two sides of a badly tarnished coin. Obama will get zero support for another left wing gorge at the taxpayer till with his cronies. It just ain’t going to happen with Solyndra out there.

So what Einsteins in the White House thought they could do another round of failed stimulus with the Solyndra scandal playing out in front of a nation hurting financially and in desperate need of more income? I mean you have to be epically clueless to think this is a politically sound and winning strategy. While an interesting question, it completely irrelevant.

Poking the voters in the eye is not going to do anything but cement their ire in the voting booth a year from now.

What is not clear is how this slow motion political implosion is going to play out over the span of a year. The American people are becoming frustrated and anxious that things have no hope of turning around before 2013 and the arrival of new management. That anxiety will continuously build and morph into bitter anger. And it will expand out to be shared by the Democrat Party at large – as long as they  fail to force change from within their ranks. The longer Democrats stand by and hesitate to act – because of some pathetic fear of looking MORE incompetent than they do now – the more voters will bless them with their expanding ire. The cancer that was Obama, Reid and Pelosi leadership is spreading through out the one-time party of Roosevelt and Kennedy. The problem is that liberals and unions have their egos on the line now, and they will refuse to admit they screwed up and need to change course.

As long as the stubborn and naive arrogance remains in place,  more damage will be inflicted on the left. The left wing media groupies keep pretending the factors at work are outside the left. They point to the GOP, foreign forces, EU economies, etc. But the fact is the the implosion is happening from bad decisions, horribly ignorant policies, extreme inexperience and fragile egos INSIDE the political left. It is now too late to wake up and have any course correction be taken serious or survive the internal strife such change would create.

Either way, the left is going to come out of 2012 fractured, broken and unable to be a political force until it deals with its own problems. Now it is just a question of how bad it will be. My guess is worse than 2010, by a long shot. Just like 2010 was worse than 1994 by a long shot, today’s left is hell bent on total success or total self destruction. Too bad they can’t face the fact ‘success’ is not an option for them any more.

Update: The left’s finally going “all in” with staged protests of Wall Street and evil corporations (more here). Shades of Germany and Russia  post World War I, and the rise of communism and Nazis. The left is still stuck in the past. They have no idea why modern America does not need to turn away from the free markets that built this country and made it the world’s leader in many aspects.

For so called intellectual elites, the clowns on the left are horribly ignorant and simple minded. Socialism ignited in Russia and Pre-Nazi Germany because those countries never had free market democracies. They had no idea how free market democracies could unleash individual freedom and wealth. Moreover, they did not have the history with the bloody failures of socialism we have today (the very same Nazi Germany and Communist USSR, etc). That is why a reenactment of protests is doomed to tip the nation left. The more the left rises up in mob anger, the more repulsed the level headed main street will become.

Recall, it was main street which ended previous wrongs, from racism to sexism to worker abuse in submission of unbridled greed. Now the left and its oppressive big government is the cancer – and main street will not rush to the protests, but reject them outright.

Bad play on the part of the left – but I am not surprised. After many years of bad plays I would expect no more now.

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6 Responses to “The Left’s Slow Implosion – Will America Become Anxious To Move Past Obama?”

  1. dhunter says:

    The left certainly deserves every bit of the blame and retribution their failed theories bring them.
    I am convinced they mean to overwhelm the system and in fact may have already succeeded by putting in place policies, regulations and spending designed to collapse the system, theorizing that government will become the solution when all systems fail. Then and only then will the people allow them to take complete control.
    I hope they are wrong and this course can be corrected……
    However I see little acknowledgement of the real problem in the entrenched fossils in the Republican Party either. We gave them a majority specifically to end spending and stop Obamacare in its tracks instead the ineptitude s qwivel over how much of the increase in spending to shave off the top not even touching the real spending and not a mention of stopping the implementation of an unconstitutional Bill. I thought the House controlled the purse strings, well then stop the spending on implementation of Obamacare.
    Oh and the vaunted committee, the members are raking in record payoffs to their campaign coffers by entrenched special interests who are buying votes to not touch my government supplied gravy train.
    Only One person is articulating that this Cronyism must stop and she is not in the race….yet….she may be our only hope of reversing this trend, I don’t see any other who have a record of doing so or articulate the desire, even, to.

  2. Mike M. says:

    dhunter raises a good point. Palin is raising a ruckus about crony capitalism – and that might be her ticket to the White House.

    I’ve got two points of my own.

    First, this MUST end in members of the Obama regime going to prison. As a working-level Federal Civil Service member, I have to report all my stock holdings and financial relationships IN DETAIL when I’m involved in a procurement. It’s why I only hold stock index funds, which are so diversified that they constitute no possible conflict of interest. The Solyndra affair does NOT pass the smell test.

    Second, the Left is brewing up BAD trouble for themselves. Given the choice between leftist chaos and an authoritarian regime, people will take the latter. It’s how Hitler came to power – when you are running as the alternative to Communists and a bloody revolution, being a totalitarian looks pretty good. And Hitler dealt very, very harshly with the Communists.

  3. Wilbur Post says:

    The “Day of Rage” protestors can’t seem to make up their minds: one half want a communist dictatorship and the other half want anarchy:

  4. kathie says:

    I hope Americans know what to do with the anger that is building. I’ve tried to figure out what Obama was up to, his motive. Is he intentionally ruining the American economy or is he just stupid? It doesn’t matter any more why he does what he does, Americans know he is taking their property and giving it to one hair brained idea or group after the next, with the explanation that sometimes companies fail, $500 million fail. Somebodies earned that money he threw away. He throws around the fruits on our labor as if it were nothing, he treats Americans as if we were nothing.

    Our President is a despicable man.

  5. dbostan says:

    The Obama admin.=Watergate^10

  6. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    I’m assuming the sentence “Every tax payer is a victim with the right of regress against the perpetrators of this theft” should be taken as:
    “Every tax payer is a victim with NO right of redress against the perpetrators of this theft”… ?

    Anyway, this section of your post reminds me of the argument made about “too big to fail” companies (back before the first TARP was passed): setting a policy that taxpayer money will be used to “save” such businesses when they’re in danger of failing removes their incentive to make prudent financial choices. (As with gambling: if a player knows the money he’s gambling with (1) belongs to somebody else, and (2) will be replaced if he runs out, he almost certainly will make riskier bets than if it’s his own, personal, hard-earned money at stake.)

    I believe the popular phrases used at the time were “encouraging moral hazard”, and “privatizing profits / socializing losses”. And both concepts seem to be the essence of crony capitalism (and the ultimate failure thereof).