Nov 11 2011

Cain Ascending, Occupy Stupidity Descending – America’s Crossroads

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We head towards Thanksgiving with two disparate views of America beginning to form for the 2012 election cycyle. On the left we have the Occupy stupidity movement, which is rapidly devolving into juvenile chaos and violence. Powerline summarized the rot of Occupy well this morning:

If you have ever wondered what would happen in a society consisting entirely of liberals, the Occupier movement is providing the answer: devolution.

* In Portland, an Occupier was arrestedfor throwing a Molotov cocktail down the stairwell of a building.

* In London, employees of St. Paul’s Cathedral have had to clean up human waste left by Occupiers inside the cathedral. (What is it with the Occupiers and toilet issues?)

* In Portland, another drug overdose.

* In Vermont, a man was shot to death at the Occupy Burlington encampment.

Not to mention the deadly shooting in Oakland, CA. This is the vision for America on display from left wing nuts who really just can’t handle personal responsibility. Like the petulant children they are, they want their fair share of other people’s hard work – and now!

Yeah, just where I wan to go to get out of my upper middle class home of 20 years. Just the future we worked our all our lives to leave for our 4 children. There is no better sign of America’s possibilities than the rot of weeks’ old tent cities. Can’t wait.

Mountains of debt, high taxes, class (actually: ‘success)’ envy, an oppressive government, government handouts instead of jobs – this wondrous nightmare of liberal imagination. It’s like the entire Democrat Party is run by clones of Tim Burton.

Now on the right rises a man who came from the simplest of backgrounds. Son of a domestic helper and a chauffeur (among many other talents), Herman Cain rose from the lowest rungs of the middle class to the upper echelons of this nation based on hard work and dedication. Along the way he retained his honor, devotion and character. He epitomizes the American character of self reliance, hard work and a class act. Devoted husband and father, the man apparently was able to ascend without all the baggage the left seems to attract on its path to success.

From a family perspective – Herman Cain is no Bill Clinton!

Cain harkens us all back to some basic tenants of our youths (at least those of us hitting – or past – the half century mark). In the 1970’s we then young Americans were battered by two opposing views, just as America is now. We had the lingering aura of the Greatest Generation – the World War II generation. This is my parents’ generation, and my father is one of the few remaining veterans who fought true evil in The North Atlantic, in support of the Invasion of North Africa and in The South Pacific). That generation is best depicted in the pictures of Norman Rockwell, showing both the near-comical side of human imperfections while emanating the warmth of community. Rockwell’s images show strength and humble imperfection at all once.

Collding with such iconic American imagery we see in movies like  It’s A Wonderful Life was the other side of America at that time. The rebellious and nowhere near as great Hippie culture, which encompassed the Vietnam War protest movement. A movement that sadly consumed the civil rights movement at the time and turned the left from good to hapless.

The civil rights movement was born from the World War II generation’s experiences, where race did not dictate honor, bravery nor courage in battle. LIfe and death battles tend to burn away the nonsense, and it happened in WWII. It was by fighting side-by-side that the mythology of racism began to shatter. Martin Luther King and Jack Kennedy (a WW II Hero) both had wondrous views of where America would be if we could end segregation and become one people.

And today we can honestly say – outside the marginal nuts on the left and right (e.g., Panthers and Klansman) – those dreams have come true.

However, also at the time the anit-war movement coopted the civil rights movement, and became the dominant force on the left. It was the predecessor of today’s Occupy nonsense. It was a communist/socialist movement that cried out in anger against free market capitalism –  instead of the racists. It rose up against the military (which was whooping socialist and communist ass), not against the Klan. This anti-war, drug-induced movement was not righteous and broadly supported like the civil rights movement it attached itself to. An attachment that tenuously lives to this day.

The civil rights movement made the huge mistake of aligning with this socialist left wing movement – something it did not need to do to garner the respect of Americans and succeed in its mission. When these two became allies, the black community became the community of victim hood, fatherless families and living on government handouts. Not all, by a long shot. There is a very successful black middle and upper class in this country now. But for too many, the battles of the 60’s and 70’s are still being waged against mythical right wing Klansmen.

MLK had a dream of one America, color blind, marching as a community of neighbors into the future. Herman Cain heading the GOP ticket is the realization of that dream. And the left knows that – more than any other event in the last 5 decades – a Cain ascendency would shatter the old and tired Political groupings. They fear this more than anything else. They fear it because it would signal the end of the protest movement – because it would signal final success.

Thus the lame smear campaingn against Cain which is clearly failing – spectacularly and ugly.

Recent Quinnipiac polls shows Cain beating Romney handily in FL and OH, and tied in PA. And last night a PPP poll in Ohio showed something that must be stunning the left wing muckrakers:

The poll shows Cain with 34 percent support, Gingrich with 20 percent support, and Mitt Romney with 19 percent support. No other candidate has more than 5 percent support.

The far left apparently thought even a hint of a black man stalking blond women would immediately call out the lynch mobs. The left’s obsession with race is becoming its own Achilles’ Heel this election cycle. America is very much color blind these days, and if we instead measure the content of character the left is a vacuum sitting in a cesspool. They are the ones taking political damage, not Herman Cain.

Cain’s support is rising – as is his campaign war chest – because he attracks the right enemies and projects the right positive image to Main Street America. If you compare Occupy Stupid (a twist on the ‘Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid” quote from Katrina) with Cain’s vision of America it is clear the Community Organizer would be whooped in the 2012 Election by the honorable businessman from Georgia. Because honestly, who wants to trade the American dream for smelly, violent tent cities run by left wing socialists?

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29 Responses to “Cain Ascending, Occupy Stupidity Descending – America’s Crossroads”

  1. Layman says:

    Great post AJ. I am not convinced Cain has what it takes to be President but his story is truly the American Dream personified.

    I am100% convinced that the left’s racist smears are a projection of their own internal inability to come to grips with free and independent thinking blacks rejecting the plantation mentality. It is totally disgusting how they use sterotypes fully expecting that it will bring forth our “true” nature as right-wing knuckle dragging racists.

    The fact that they actually believe this is what really scares me. After all: lies, distortions, character assasination – even physical violence – can all be justified if used against dehumanized monsters, i.e. independent thinking conservatives.

  2. oneal lane says:

    Perry may come back. Now that he has been humbled and handled it well, you may see him more loose and relaxed.

    Now that he has nothing more to loose his “Awh shucks” style may endear him to the public.

    We are far from making a decision. anyone but Obama!

  3. lurker9876 says:

    HHHMMM… was not a good day for Cain…with Gloria Allred’s new doctor friend, whose story means nothing. Then his interview on Libya and collective bargaining. Not good there.

    The timing is not good for him either…with a few weeks left for Iowa and New Hampshire to make a comeback.

  4. Redteam says:

    Yea, seems as if that slippery slope is getting steeper and shorter.

  5. kathie says:

    I’m worried about Cain. I still like Perry, bad debates but I think he’s got what it takes in the long run.

  6. AJStrata says:


    Will post on this later, but what do you want in a candidate? Someone who can sling slick responses to dumb reporter questions or someone with a bold vision?

    Cain will do fine because most people know the answer to THAT question all too well.

    Slick is out. Being of the people is in. Failing the media tests is a bonus.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    Someone with the bold vision and principles. Someone that WILL stick with the bold vision and principles.

    Unlike what’s happening with the supercommittee.

    Which is one of the reasons why I don’t want Mitt and Newt in the WH.

    Cain shows that he is capable of learning new things…like foreign policy. He’ll learn quickly about collective bargaining.

  8. Redteam says:

    I watched the interview of Gloria Cain and wondered why she did it. First, if she’s going to do it, she’s certainly going to say he didn’t do it.
    but, the worst part is when she said something about, oh yeah, that thing way back when (paraphrasing) Well, if her husband had been acccused of something ‘no matter when’ she would know EVERY detail. No wife is going to just ignore someone accusing her husband of something inappropriate. so when that charge came up 15 or 20 years ago, she knew. It is not a surprise to her (if it happened, but then since she did recall ‘something back then’ there must have ‘been something back then’). I’ve been married over 50 years and I can guarantee anyone that my wife can tell you every time ANYTHING came up. Any time any sexual allegation against anyone I was working with…she knew the details. Things like that just don’t go un-noticed.

    I have no idea if Herman Cain did or did not do what is alleged, but Gloria didn’t help him out yesterday.

    About the candidates positions, everyone has something I can agree with and something I don’t agree with. for example, I don’t like what I’ve heard about Cain’s plan to have a 999 plan.(guess we won’t get to see the actual plan unless he gets it passed) It would raise my taxes way too much.
    About Libya, I can understand him not knowing about it, Obama certainly doesn’t know much about it. He just installed Al qaeda in as the government over there. (but maybe that was his intention)

  9. lurker9876 says:

    I believe that it was Obama’s intention as he truly believes that Islam is a religion of peace. Obama also chose to ignore all Israeli intelligence and look what we’re getting from Iran…nukes!!

    I see that Newt received 1.6m – 1.8m from Fannie Mae for his consultation work.

    Cain’s 999 plan is temporary…an interim to help us get to the permanent plan. He endorses Fair Tax but will Congress go for Fair Tax? Even as an interim plan, I don’t see it raising my taxes too much. I see it lowering and simplifying my taxes. No forms.

    Rush is defending Cain over Libya and collective bargaining.

    Rick Perry just came out with a radical plan…cut the congressional salaries and cut their schedules as part time sessions. Radical but the right thing to do.

    I see that the supercommittee is kicking the can down the road and we have some conservative pundits screaming about the House GOP…like redstate. Maybe they don’t understand…gridlock?