Feb 04 2013

Go Bal’mer!

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A belated but heart-felt congrats out to the Baltimore Ravens for a hard won win last night. That has to be one of the more interesting Super Bowls I have ever watched, and it was exciting down to the last 4 seconds of play! Special Congrats to Ray Lewis for a great career ending game, along with all his team mates.

There were so many amazing plays I can’t even begin to address them all. All I can say is, guys, don’t let it get so close again! That was a heart stopper.

And on the controversy over the alleged ‘holding’ on the 49’ers – fugedaboudit! The receiver was as tied up (and pushing off/down) as much as the defender was – and besides the ball was not going to be caught in bounds.

So great win, great game and the best commercial in my mind, was God creating the Farmer [H/T Ed Morrissey]:

Actually, I think that was the best Super Bowl commercial of all time, if not the best commercial of all time!

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  1. stevevvs says:

    That is a great commercial! We don’t really have many farms like this any more. It’s a real shame. Now, we have CAFO’s and GMO crops.
    I get my meats from a local farmer now. Grass Fed Beef, pastures Pigs and Chickens. No Hormones, no Antibiotics, meat, the way nature, and God’s Farmers, intended. I eat organic produce, either grown myself, or from Trader Joe’s, Earth fare, or the Farmers Market. Got off the processed foods. Way to many chemicals. Thanks for posting the commercial. The Ravens did well, congrats to them as well!