Jun 22 2005

Coalition of The Chillin’, Get Ready!

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The rumors are out again that Rehnquist will announce his retirement Monday. Which means the final stage for testing the Gang of 14 deal is coming soon

RedState is now hearing from sources that the Bush adminstration does, in fact, expect Rehnquist to retire and probably to retire on Monday.

The unconfirmed rumor from a source that could safely be described as in or around the 1600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue says that this has been expected, then things went cold. I’m told it is now very hot. The White House is engaged on the issue. Sources are telling more than just RedState that Rehnquist is also engaged on the issue

This is a perfect time to get your predictions flowing and into the Carnival of The Chillin’ #2. Obvioulsy #3 and beyond will be testing those predictions!!

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UPDATE: The Commissar has more confirmation on Rehnquist

Bill Kristol thinks it is O’Conner stepping down and Gonzales being nominated (hat tip Hugh Hewitt)

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