Jun 25 2005

51% of Dems Are Liberal Fringe

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Rusty at the Jawa Report has a post with what he sees as a stunning number. There is a poll out which says 51% of the democrats believe the US is responsible for 9-11, up from 40% in 2001. But in that same time period the democrat party has shrunk to 33% percent of the population. If 51% of a segment of the population, which makes up only 33% of the overall population, agrees that means roughly 16% of the population believes that the US is responsible for 9-11. Which just happens to be around the same number (14%) of hard core lefties which believe that comparing GITMO to the Nazis is accurate (OK so they may not represent the sharpest knives in the drawer).

This actually illustrates how the ‘democrat party’ is shrinking and distilling down to the liberal fringe. 51% of a minority is nothing to worry about

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