Sep 27 2006

Clinton CIA Supported Bin Laden’s Efforts

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Someone recently linked to an old post of mine which I had forgotten about. It referenced a classified report that, contrary to Clinton’s claims on Fox News last Sunday about trying to kill Bin Laden, detailed how his administration helped Bin Laden:

WMR has obtained a confidential “France Only” report of the French intelligence service, Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure (DGSE), that states that the CIA and Britain’s MI-6 maintained effective control of an important Al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan as late as 1995, fully two years after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, an attack that was launched with the help of Sudanese intelligence officers loyal to Osama Bin Laden. The CIA and MI6 permitted control of training operations at Darunta, an “Arab Afghan” base located near the camp of Osama Bin Laden and used to manufacture explosives and chemical weapons and train in their use, to pass to the control of Ibn Cheikh, a Libyan leader of Al Qaeda.

The DGSE report, dated January 9, 2001, is classified “Defense Confidential” and “National (French) Use Only” states, “Besides the Maghreb enclave, the training at Darunta, which, for approximately 2 months, mainly involved the manufacture and the use of the explosives by terrorists. This training, initially provided at the camp of Khalden, in Paktia, was transferred during 1995, on the order of Ibn Cheikh, to Darunta, in order to slide [the training] from the control of the security services of certain countries, in particular the United States and the United Kingdom.”

The report continues by stating that in 1998, the training was expanded to include the use of C-4 plastic explosives and different types of detonators (electric, acid, etc.). Training also included the use of homemade explosives (like improvised explosive devices killing so many in Iraq today) and poisons such as arsenic, cyanide, gas, diamond powder, nicotine, and ricin. After Al Qaeda took control of Darunta from the CIA and MI6, the camp was used to train Al Qaeda operatives to launch a series of deadly attacks, including the November 19, 1995 attack on the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad, the 1998 attacks on the US embassy in Nairobi, the abortive Dec. 31, 1999 “Millennium” attack on Los Angeles International Airport by Algerian Ahmed Ressam, and the attack on the USS Cole.

No wonder Clinton and the CIA knew which training camps to hit – they use to run one and let it fall into Al Qaeda’s hands. And that very camp was used as a base to train those who killed hundreds. Now how is it the CIA and Clinton couldn’t find Al Qaeda and Bin Laden again??

Is this true? Who knows. It is a leaked intel report. Let the dems sort it all out. More on the camp in question here and here. Hmm, seems like the CIA did know a lot about this camp. More here on 1999 CIA operations at the camp.

Addendum: This snippet is from the last link regarding CIA operations in Afghanistan under Clinton – it is telling to say the least:

The Counterterrorist Center’s bin Laden unit relayed a report to Massoud that bin Laden had arrived in Derunta. Massoud ordered a mission. He rounded up “a bunch of mules,” as a U.S. official who was involved later put it, and loaded them up with Soviet-designed Katyusha rockets. He dispatched this small commando team toward the hills above Derunta.

After the team was on its way, Massoud reported his plan to Langley: He was going to batter bin Laden’s camp with rocket fire.

The CIA’s lawyers convulsed in alarm. The White House legal rules for liaison with Massoud had not addressed such pure military operations against bin Laden. The Massoud partnership was supposed to be about intelligence collection. Now the CIA had, in effect, provided intelligence for a rocket attack on Derunta. The CIA was legally complicit in Massoud’s operation, the lawyers feared, and the agency had no authority to be involved.

The bin Laden unit shot a message to the Panjshir: You’ve got to recall the mission.

This is what happens when you are fighting crime verses a war.

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  1. kathie says:

    The indecision got Massoud killed.

  2. Seixon says:

    WMR as in Wayne Madsen Report?
    I’d say that ensures that it is BS.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I doubt it too! But it is fun to play liberal smearmonger once in a while.

  4. wiley says:

    that was similar to the scene played out in the path to 9-11

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    In his rant the other day, Clinton seemed to let slip that he even had committed to contract hit agents/mercenaries to take out Bin Laden.

    I thought that was a no no after the Church committee.