Oct 03 2006

Mike Rogers Predicted Foley Smear March 2005

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I had not gone back far enough in my review of Mike Rogers’ website archives it seems. Reader SBD went back a few months more to February 2005 and found Mike Rogers predicting the events of this week.

A source has confirmed with blogACTIVE.com that Foley lives a practically an out life at his Florida residence, often seen entertaining gay men, some of whom the source described as “close to underage.”

“Well entertaining men does not make someone gay,” I said. “Mike, please, I lived across from his house, I watch his parties, he’s gay, gay, gay.” Since I know the source and his work in the community quite well, I am going to give him full faith.

Another source has told me about his being approached on two occasions in what was “definitely an approach in a sexual way,” a 27 year-old man told me. “Once it was at a large poltiical event and once at a party in Florida.”

I’ve thought hard about what kind of TAKE ACTION would work, but there is really is none right now. Everyone already knows Foley’s a self hating closet case. When we get closer to the mid-term elections, I am sure more will surface.

The next question is what kind of relationship did Mike Rogers and Brian Ross have? Who knows. But I find it interesting that Michael Rogers admits his reporting on Foley began the same year as the salacious IM messages coming out of ABCNews – 2003:

“I first started to report on Foley in March 2003,” said Rogers, who is gay. “The reason why – he’s antigay.

Why all these coincidences? Here is another later post on Foley by Rogers with interesting hints and leads.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I find it interesting that the libs will print anything at all derogatory about Foley being gay. Isn’t this the party that supports gays whole-heartedly? I wonder how the gay community will react to all this. BTW, I noticed the dems are calling for Hastert’s resignation. He says he won’t. I hope he does not. I am tired of republicans resigning because of a little scandal and not democrats. However, I do appreciate Foley’s resignation. We do not want pedophiles in congress making our laws. The hypocrisy of all this is astounding. But these are dems, what else is expected of them.I am never surprised by what they do. However, they do keep lowering the bar.

  2. Hayseed says:

    Reread the June 14, 2005 Rogers post, you misread it. “B” is presenting themselves as a 20 yo intern wanting to meet someone else close to their age. rogers directs them to Foley.

    If the Im were from 03, wouldn’t it make sense that they planned on using them in the 04 election? Problem is in o3 none of the dems would have known they were going to be the nominee, and it cerently wasn’t Bush. This was done by someone that was planning to run for president but not as a rep or dem, but on a third party tickett.

    I’ll give you one guess!

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    Another rogers link to follow

    Another closet case hurting the gay community. I am glad to know I had a role in pushing these emails out there. I’ve been working on the story for a few days and am excited it’s out there now.

    Tomorrow it’s off to the FBI to request a full scale investigation of Rep. Mark Foley and his contacts with Congressional pages…

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Here is another link

    Funny thing about this one is rogers is interviewed by Steve Rothaus

    These both had comments on the Stopsexpredators blog.

    Also the blog still exists, but all the comments have been removed.

  5. opine6 says:

    I’m wondering why Foley would use his own initials as his user name for the IM’s if he were going to be doing something illegal (maf54). And why “54” in 2003 when supposedly the first IM’s were sent? He is 54 now, not in 2003.

    This whole thing smells. I wish Foley would come out and shed some light on this whole situation, instead of hiding.

  6. sbd says:

    Let’s not forget about Foley’s abrupt decision in September 2003 to drop out of the Senate race after raising over 3 million for his campaign. He was the frontrunner, but said he wanted to be with his father who was diagnosed with cancer even though he did run again for his House seat that year.


  7. roonent1 says:


    Tom Lifson has an article out this morning that got me thinking –


    Is this the ket? –

    According to Lifson, Aravosis (one of the known liberals outing gay congress people) said he obtained the latest information about the five-term congressman from Foley’s former chief of staff, Kirk Fordham.

    QUESTION – Did Fordham have acccess to Foley’s IM account information, screen name and password? Very likely. Could he have passed this information onto Aravosis and Rogers? Very possible. Could some of the IMs been manufactured then by Rogers or Aravosis, those being reported by ABC? Probable.

    We know someone logged onto Foley’s IM account yesterday when he was in a treatment center for 20-30 seconds, according to Fox News. Could this have been Rogers or Aravosis? I am sure the feds will know shortly if they already do not.