Oct 10 2006

Bad News In The Polls

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Well, the media has been able to create the impression Mark Foley represents the GOP in some recent polls out. The range of lead for the Dems is between 13 and 23 points (A href=”http://i.a.cnn.net/cnn/2006/images/10/09/rel24a.pdf”>CNN, USA Today/Gallup, ABC News/WaPo, CBS News – H/T TCP). Surprisingly, the usually left leaning CBS News poll is one of those not signaling a major problem for Reps in the upcoming elections. These results are strangely at odds with the Democrace Corpse poll out earlier which showed litte change in the electorate due to Foleygate. I still see the polls varying widely and that still indicates to me the pollster’s models are out of whack to some degree, but I am not sure how much.

The fate of this country lies in the conservatives. Too many are planning to sit home because they don’t have the fortitude to try anymore. If they cannot have their way the plan to punish those who stood by them all this time and allow the Democrats the opportunity to repeal all of Bush’s tax cuts, surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda and Iran, and close down the monitoring of terrorists communications to their contacts here in the US (while we work to get FISA warrants to cover ALL the communications of the people here in the US, not just the overseas ones to known terrorists). And to top it all off, the Democrats will have their investigations into everything Bush did, and will no doubt find surprising results that they cannot ignore, as they promised, and they will push for impeachment. All this because conservatives collapsed and quit on the movement.

Personally, any conservative who fails to push through election day is one we can affort to go without. The only exceptions are those in CT voting for Lieberman. The rest are just doing “a Buchannan” and showing their petulance instead of their strength and dedication. If we find Speaker Pelosi in the House next year – it will be because of conservatives not fighting back . We have beat the liberal media just about every year since 1980. The one big exception was 1992, the last time conservatives got impatient and punished the country with Bill Clinton. Less punishment and more energy is what is needed now.

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  1. Ken says:

    I am actually of Dutch, German and Irish ancestry, but the
    sour grapes here on this site can only fester and grow. Rumsfeld’s
    condescension to “Old Europe” befits this bumbling mirerer
    of US troops in a no-win war, and sets the tone for the
    Europhobes here whose britches are bunched at the new

    World War Two’s era of brief Western European fawning to
    US interests is o-ver, boys.

    And For Enforcement just can’t deal with the fact I am to his
    right and he is a Wilsonian liberal, in foreign policy. I have pointed out the higher rate of homosexual tendency to pedophilia, for
    example, and made no “gay-friendly” statements on this