Oct 30 2006

Insulting The Good People As Elitist Entertainment

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I have been wanting to write about a commercial I saw during the week which epitomized the view of the liberal elites regarding the common people. The elitist love to make fun of us common folks. Look at just about every sitcom from the one with Archie Bunker (can’t recall the name right now) to The Simpsons. But you can see it in commercials too. The one that really struck me as a cheap shot at the ‘country folk’ is the Nextel GPS commercial where the guy pulls into a country gas station and wants gas. The guys working the joint are straight out of Deliverance and are revolting.. One is wiping the car window with a dirty sock. Thats the view of us folks outside the large liberal cities.

What reminded me was the Borat movie and the way it treats the people of Kazakhstan – as a bunch of undecated rubes. There was a time when humor was used to help us face some issues that needed addressing. It was a way to try to look at the harsh side of life and reflect. But in the last ten years or more, as the media types got rich and ran out of ideas, the humor seems to be biting. The only thing to do now is demean or be obsessed with potty humor. Watch TV and think about what it says about the liberal media elites’ views to think the garbage they produce is (a) engaging and (b) will ‘connect’ with the masses. It truly is insulting to the American people. We Americans don’t tend to listen or watch commercials that much given the fast forward systems and station flipping. But if you did take the time to watch them, you would feel pretty insulted about what media people in NY and LA think is the perfect message – just for you!

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  1. flownover says:

    Just saw Talledega Nights. If you want a double dose of it ( left coast elitism), then that would be the movie. Borat has been Borat ever since Ali G was confounding everyone from Marlon Fitzwater to Newt Gingrich, and doing it with verve. The Kazakhs may be offended, but it’s pretty lightweight stuff. Making fun of the former Soviet republics is alot less offensive than the Hollywood sneering at the “rubes”.
    After all, we’re christians,conservative, and probably don’t like killing people other than trespassers and commies. Those folks kill them all kinds of other ways (see “Party of Death).

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Borat opens in the States on November 3rd. And, per the article you link to, FOX decided to SHORT the number of theaters from 2000. To 800.

    Meanwhile, because I think this film will be funny enough, I went to AmazonUK, to put myself on the list of being notified by e-mail, when the DVD comes out. (Amazon America? Not up to speed.)

    And, I learned about AmazonUK after the first Harry Potter novel came out. And, England produced the second one months earlier than the USA version. Are there word differences? Sure. In England a torch is a flashlight.) Cute.

    And, for the elites, BORAT cuts against the grain!

    For Archie Bunker, and I think the show was called ALL IN THE FAMILY; he was SUPPOSED TO BE THE VILLAIN. Notice, he was adored. And, HE has come to represent the show. Not the name. And, not MEAT HEAD. He was a dad that said un-PC-like statements. And, it not only contained broad humor, it was a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. Given how up-tight the elites really are.

    And, how what was once the freedom of ideas, turned to shit in the hands of the left. Now, all you get are the freaks. The femin-nazi’s as Rush’ label holds. And, they’re DOGMATICs. Dogma-ticks. Parasites. About as far as you can go FROM truth and FREEDOM as you can get in any lunatic assylum.

    By the way, in academia? Where the rules got bent? It was a place where old commies could actually retire RICH! Something that doesn’t happen in russia to ordinary folks. Only to some of the black-marketeers.

    Now, what I find interesting? While the kids were only exposed to the self-esteem perveyors of garbage; they seem ready to toss all that crap overboard! They sat. And, they spewed back dreck for grades. And, the blacks? Accepted all the credentials.

    But it turns out you can’t fool science. And, a lot of black kids who get to go all the way (most don’t). They grab Ph.D’s in “education.” Where, at one time, for “diversity” there were bidding wars to hire this crap. And, money pulls in many ways. So a top school would bid high. Have the crap for a semester or two. And, “lose” to another school who bid even higher. Like GAS this stuff went up. (Or? Like the tulips in Holland, that produced the first big burst bubble for investors who were left holding the “tulips.” They bid high. And, went broke.) A cycle known to repeat itself. Because some people never learn!

    I expect Borat will be a success. Because you may call this “potty.” But the flushing sounds of PC going down the drains is refreshing.