Jan 05 2007

Democrats Complete First Item On Their Contract With Al Qaeda – Surrender Iraq

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Well, there go those crazy democrats again! Newly in control they have overstepped the election results and are back on their “surrender to Al Qaeda at any cost” idiocy. They even pretend to want to succeed as they call for clear failure:

“We want to do everything we can to help Iraq succeed in the future but, like many of our senior military leaders, we do not believe that adding more U.S. combat troops contributes to success. They, like us, believe there is no purely military solution in Iraq. There is only a political solution.”

“Adding more combat troops will only endanger more Americans and stretch our military to the breaking point for no strategic gain.”

“Rather than deploy additional forces to Iraq, we believe the way forward is to begin the phased redeployment of our forces in the next four to six months,…

Music to the ears of Bin Laden and Zawahiri, I am sure. The Somali’s and Ethiopians were able to chase Al Qaeda out of Somalia in a few short weeks, but the Dems are so ready to give up they think leaving millions of Iraqis to die at the hand of terrorists is honorable! The American people are going to have a bad case of buyer’s remorse now.

Many derided me when I listed the Democrat’s Contract With Al Qaeda last year. But a quick review shows the Dems are doing exactly what Al Qaeda needs to survive and fight againL:

FIRST, we will finally kill the Patriot Act so that no member of Al Qaeda will fear using our libraries to access international websites, access their email, or do basic research on major US installations and population centers. We will guarantee full privacy due anyone who makes it to our shores without question. In addition, we will roll back all provisions that put terrorism on an equal footing with Drug Traffickers and Organized Crime, which we understand greatly insults members of Al Qaeda who consider themselves above drug lords.

SECOND, We will enact legislation to release all Al Qaeda members now held in custody in the GITMO Gulag, while providing legal counsel to all who have been unfairly detained during this unfortunate international misunderstanding between Al Qaeda and America. We will ensure all detainees have options for bail and parole so they can continue with their life’s efforts while the legal issues surrounding their detention are worked out. Every ex-detainee will be provided the services of an ACLU lawyer.

THIRD, we will pass legislation ensuring that all Al Qaeda members will be free from government monitoring of their phone calls and emails with comrades back home monitored without probable cause. Probable cause will not include the normal desire to call home to friends and family. We see this act as protecting US citizens and Al Qaeda alike from warrantless surveillance.

FOURTH, as part of our revamping of immigration laws, we will ensure Al Qaeda members are treated the same as any other illegal immigrant now in America. We will provide you amnesty, a driver’s license, health care and education support once you are able to sneak past our borders.

FIFTH, as with warrantless electronic surveillance and in anticipation of pending civil lawsuits, we plan to pass legislation that bans warrantless searches of person and luggage at airports and other major transportation centers. It makes no sense to allow random searches of travelers if we are going to end targeted surveillance of communications. And we find both actions to be religious profiling and against the common sense norms of all liberal Americans.

SIXTH, Also, in line with the unfair targeting of Al Qaeda communications and persons travelling, we plan to submit legislation ending the practice of no-fly lists. This practice is biased towards people with common names and has limited the rights to travel of nuns and babies in the past.

SEVENTH, in an effort to demonstrate our sincere apologies for the actions of President Bush towards Al Qaeda, we plan to return the State of Iraq to the despot dictator of Al Qaeda’s choice by calling for the immediate withdrawal of our military forces to the safety of European soil. We encourage Al Qaeda to do what they please with the Iraqi people.

EIGHTH, we will submit and pass legislation that will mandate any questioning by US agents of Al Qaeda members to (a) be done in the presence of an ACLU lawyer, (b) never last more than 30 minutes, (c) be done indoors, in climate controlled conditions, (d) include an offering of proper food and beverage and (e) require every question to use the word ‘please’.

NINE, we promise to immediately begin impeachment of Al Qaeda’s most dangerous enemy, the Imperial President W Bush, and we will promise to not stop our efforts until we have removed this thorn in Al Qaeda’s side – even if we have to make up scandals to get it done.

Note Item 7 – which they have dutifully performed. I posted this on February 6th and plan to measure the Democrat performance against it. I expect them to score a perfect 100 before summer.

Addendum: First off, I do know most of these are actuall in the works right now. I just want to declare them accomplished when the Democrat Leaders actually come out and make good. And I really do not care whether the Dems intend to help Al Qaeda or not, it is the result of their actions that matter. Many dreadful mistakes have been made at the altar of good intentions.

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    I don’t think this move is much of a surprise, the Dems have been calling for this since Murtha started campaigning for Chairman.

    I am always amazed that they think the Country is behind them on this cut and run surrender.

  2. Democrats Send Letter To Bush Urging ‘Phased Redeployment’…

    Cindy Sheehan can rest easy that her voice has been heard. The newly empowered Democrats are now begging President Bush to please surrender in Iraq. Here is the letter in full.
    Dear Mr. President:
    The start of the new Congress brings us opportunitie…

  3. TomAnon says:


    I think your contract is exactly what the Dems want to do. You put it inot langauge that everyone can understand. The Dems have it pretty well disguised. If you watched Mother Cindy and Co.’s rant in front of the cameras, all the Dems where smiling and nodding there head. Only Hoyer looked aghast. Rahm was looked delighted and in the clip agreed that the troops will be pulled out soon.

    The Somalia operation is classic Special Warfare. What a stunning success. As was demonstrated in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Somalia we roll ’em pretty quickly militarily. It is the diplomats that screw everything up. No war has ever been successfully won through Diplomacy. Those that are always return with a vengeance. I think the American people understand. I hope our coming lesson, thanks to the Dems, will not be to painfull.


  4. conesplif says:

    Does anyone else see the irony in attacking the Democrats for cut and run – and supporting Bush’s colossally stupid Surge and Accelerate plan? Would anyone care to guess who posted the following:

    For months, advisers to President George W. Bush have been trying to convince the commander in chief that more U.S. troops in Iraq will improve prospects for victory. Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), both recently returned from Iraq (and a courageous surprise stopover in Ramadi, capital of bloody Al Anbar Province) also support adding more American troops. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

    It’s our old leatherneck buddy – Ollie North!! Semper Fi, Ollie!!

  5. kathie says:

    Duncan Hunter suggested that we move Iraqi forces from quiet areas to Bagdhad, put our troops in the quiet areas, even add more to those quiet areas. I say fly bombers on the boarders and bomb anything that moves, let the Iranians and Syrians know what we are doing.

  6. Retired Spook says:

    I say fly bombers on the boarders and bomb anything that moves, let the Iranians and Syrians know what we are doing.

    Or we could just put a fleet of these armed with Hellfire missiles on the Syrian and Iranian borders, Kathie, and the fire control techs could sit in the comfort of an airconditioned bunker and simply press a button every time something moves.

    Conesplif, last I heard, Col. North worked for Fox News. Are you suggesting that our government abdicate the running of the war to Fox News? CNN I could understand, but Fox News?

  7. AJStrata says:

    Ollie North? Splif – sit down before you hurt yourself. North was so bad I voted for Chuck Robb!

    Splif, ever consider the studity in the Dems desire to cave to Al Qaeda – like Boy Clinton did? Bin Laden himself said it was Clinton\’s fear to take on Al Qaeda which signalled him that they should go ahead with 9-11. Sadly I think they expected Gore to win – and that was the biggest mistake. The dems have been cowering since 9-11. They were the ones screaming quagmire day one in Afghanistan and Iraq. And after 5 years of threatened defeat – nothing.

    War is a tough business. But until we see a real quagmire, with thousands of body bags a month (not over a quarter of a decade) the dems will look like the spineless cowards they are.

    You want to beat a liberal? Let them talk. You want to trounce \’em? Let them lead (briefly).

  8. conesplif says:

    AJ, stop you’re killing me – your impersonation knee-jerk reactonary is so freakin’ dead on:

    War is a tough business. But until we see a real quagmire, with thousands of body bags a month (not over a quarter of a decade) the dems will look like the spineless cowards they are

    Fine to talk tough, AJ, but I don’t believe you’re doing your blogging in the Green Zone, are you? And are you seriously saying we are not involved in a quagmire of a civil war in Iraq, with an Iran-friendly Shia government? Or do you subscribe to the it’s not a failure, its just a success that hasn’t occurred yet school of thought?

  9. For Enforcement says:

    I don’t get it. So Ollie North, like anyone else is wrong once in a while. I see him as nothing but a patriotic American who served at least one president faithfully. Wish the country had lots more like him.. Chuck Robb? goodness.

    so conesplif: “Or do you subscribe to the it’s not a failure, its just a success that hasn’t occurred yet school of thought?
    I do. More accurately ‘hasn’t been allowed to happen yet’, And until the damn politicians get out of the way, it will stay that way. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fight a war that we had more enemies on the battlefield than we do in the Congress?

    There will come a time when Americans realize that allowing Democrats a voice in the security of the country was the wrong thing to do.

    I’m for the fleet of Hellfire missiles on the borders operated from air conditioned control rooms.

    Actually, we probably need that on the US southern border if armed gangs are gonna be attacking the US national guard. Good thing we didn’t have a fence there to get in the way.

  10. kathie says:

    “It’s going to be a long, hard slog” what about long and hard equals quagmire, it is what it is, why can’t we accept that? Is it not worth trying to change the tyrannical Middle East? If you decide it is not worth it then you had better have a better answer because we will need one or just take the attacks like we did in the 90’s. There is no way to protect this country from attacks any more then there is a way to absolutely protect the Iraqi’s in Iraqi. If people don’t respect lawfulness then chaos will rain here or in any land. We have to keep the Islamist busy on their land or the idle will surely come here.

  11. Bill's Bites says:

    Democrats Complete First Item On Their Contract With Al Qaeda…

    Pelosi and Reid send letter to Bush urging “phased redeployment”Allahpundit Drudge is teasing it but doesn’t have the text yet. HuffPo, however, does:The American people demonstrated in the November elections that they do not believe your current…

  12. Terrye says:

    Awful quiet around here. Is Ken gone???

  13. For Enforcement says:

    Terrye, the good news is yes. AJ told him bye a few days ago. Said he was tired of his comments. I’ve missed him in a real good way.

  14. lurker9876 says:

    After reading a thread two weeks ago when Ken practically took over, I’m glad he is gone.

    I am not surprised at the Dems’ agenda. How successful will they be in getting their agenda passed? Will Bush veto a lot of them?

    We should email the White House and tell Bush that we support him.

  15. Terrye says:

    Well then in that case, you lucky dogs you…I am back.

    As for the subject at hand, I really do not think the Democrats are in any position to dictate policy to Bush, that is not their function and I doubt if they have the votes to cut all funding.

    However, we do not know for sure that Bush even intends to have a troop surge anyway.

    But the Democrats will do whatever works for them. It is their way. When supporting a war is politically advantageous that is what they do and when undermining the same war can be useful they will do that too.

    I hear that the Iraqi economy is booming and that most of Iraq is doing quite well. However, they do need to improve security in Baghdad. But people need to be realistic in their expectations. If the anti war people were willing to suck up to Saddam considering the fact that he was a murdering psychopath, they should be prepared to give democracy a chance.

    But that is not what they want. They want to make people so sick and so tired of the hassle that it is impossible for America to even fight a war. They think that is a good thing ofcourse. A chastened, humiliated and defeated America is what they want.

    But what does that mean to the world? Will the world be better off if the terrorists win?

  16. kathie says:

    You can send a message to the President at comments@whitehouse.gov.

  17. Retired Spook says:

    Well then in that case, you lucky dogs you…I am back.

    Trade Terrye for Ken? Works for me. Welcome back.

  18. Retired Spook says:

    I’m for the fleet of Hellfire missiles on the borders operated from air conditioned control rooms.

    Actually, we probably need that on the US southern border….

    FE, I sort of thought you’d like that idea, especially the part about the air conditioned control room. It would certainly be a lot cheaper than patroling the borders with HC-130’s, although probably not as much fun.

    There has been some talk about a “virtual” fence on the southern border. Perhaps the Predator could be a coordinated part of that, heh.

  19. cochino says:

    It’s not possible for us to do what the Ethiopians and Somalians did in Somalia. There were no cameras there to show dead innocent people. Do you think there were no or are no “civil rights abuses” being committed during that action? It’s nice to think of what we could accomplish “if” we didn’t have current constraints on how we conduct ourselves, but, the fact is, we do. We’re not allowed any mistakes.

  20. cochino says:

    I was annoyed at the Iraq-Vietnam analogy for the longest time. Recently, however, I have come to the conclusion that Iraq IS Vietnam, or is at least very similar to Vietnam. Sure, most of the particulars are different, but in the ways that really matter, it is turning into Vietnam. Like it or not, for better or for worse, we’d better bring things to a conclusion there in the relatively near future; certainly by the end of the Bush Presidency. If we don’t bring it to a successful conclusion very soon, we will pull out, and results will be devastating.