Jan 10 2007

Somalia Asks For More US Action

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Nobody wants the blood thirsty Islamo Fascists in their country – not even Somolia:

(Mogadishu, Somalia-AP) January 10, 2007 – A Somali government official says his country wants US troops to flush out remaining extremists after US airstrikes this week killed a suspect in the 1998 US embassy bombings in East Africa.

Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister says US special ground forces are needed as government forces backed by Ethiopia are unable to capture the last remaining hideouts of suspected extremists.

And the Somali president’s chief of staff says US airstrikes are expected to continue following attacks Monday that killed the suspected al-Qaida militant who planned the embassy bombings.

Hard to believe we are making this kind of progress and all the Dems can talk about is retreating and surrender. Talk about a genetic propensity for failure. Word to the liberals – Darwin was right. And it has nothing to do with strength and is all about adaptation. Playing oppossum will not work with Al Qaeda. They will just behead you and move on. The Somali’s understand this – obviously.

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    Hard to believe we are making this kind of progress and all the Dems can talk about is retreating and surrender.

    It isn’t just in their response to the WOT that the Dems are flailing around. While more and more evidence accumulates that anthropogenic global warming is a bunch of hooey, Liberal Democrats are hanging onto their “catastrophic warming” agenda. The announcement of promising research with amniotic fluid stem cells was met by the Dems with “this, in no way, takes the place of ESCR”.

    If we had a truly honest, non-partisan media in this country, the Democrat Party and most of its agenda would be relegated to the dust bin of history.

  2. The Macker says:

    Retired Spook,
    Right on.

    In their, media created, alternate universe, real problems can be wished away and ficticious ones created to take their place. Then, no one need fear making heavy decisions because it’s all make believe. When events prove them wrong, no problem, they just re-write the history.

    I have noticed that their “world” has no room for new information. Documents revealing WMD programs in Iraq are never acknowledged. The preponderance of new evidence linking Iraq to al Qaeda doesn’t disturb their train oof thought. Any humane technique for obtaining stem cells could never replace the ESCR model in their “culture of death.”

    Unfortunately these people on the left are not harmless dreamers.

  3. HaroldHutchison says:

    Send the Rangers. They have some unfinished business over there.

  4. mrmeangenes says:

    This is a comment some “cloacally gifted” individual made on another site-about our success in hemming in and destroying the bloody Somalian al-Qaeda contingent:

    “Gee, what a coincidence; just the day before Bush’s speech.
    ’How about you pentagon guys bombing and killing a bunch of folks somewhere; like, say, Somalia, so I can add to my speech tomorrow that we killed a bunch of al-Qaida suspects, proving I’m fighting for freedom around the world.’ ”

    If this was a teen ager who said this, I’d understand,but this is a retiree (with whom I have frequent written skirmishes).

    I decided not to respond to him,as he was probably “trolling”.