Jan 10 2007

“Spineless” Defined – Part Duex

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The Dems are heading for a PR disaster because their liberal media supporters are going to roast them. I posted this morning on how the Democrats where redefining the term ‘spineless’. And I noted that the Democrat calls to not support any efforts to win Iraq would be their political undoing for years to come – as it is Bush still holds all the cards (along with one Joe Lieberman). So what have the Dems decided to do? Play useless, pretend theatre:

Democratic leaders said Tuesday that they intended to hold symbolic votes in the House and Senate on President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Baghdad, forcing Republicans to take a stand on the proposal and seeking to isolate the president politically over his handling of the war.

Yeah, it’s symbolic all right. Symbolic of the spineless democrats who cannot even stand up and speak their minds out of fear. No wonder they cave so quickly to Al Qaeda. Forcing Republicans to do what now? Support the troops and the concept of attempting to finish the job in Iraq! The Dems are still trying to make the Reps look bad, as if they hadn’t won the majority. As I said before, the Dems were abysmal in the majority and the minority. They got here because the Reps screwed up. And both sides are still trying to see who can screw up more.

Dems – don’t even waste the country’s time with a symbolic vote. We know what happened. Lieberman put his foot down and neutered the leadership. But if you must ‘pretend’ to be Senators with ‘pretend’ votes so you can ‘pretend’ to be national leaders then go ahead and do it now. Let’s get all this pretending out of the way.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Jerry, you’re a winner. I’m voting this the winning statement of the day and you wrote it: It is the motto of the Left, Dems and here it is:

    “the truth don’t matter no more, no more),”

    The real truth is, it never has mattered to the Lefties.
    It was clearly obvious, because I re-read your post twice and I haven’t found one word of truth in it.

    Now BDS, yes that’s clearly in there. You really are an America hater.

    They’re making in droves now.

  2. jerry says:

    And BDS is… Bigger Dumber Stories? I’m just trying to texturalize the Preznit’s ridculous strategery more widerly… seeing the Decider more decidingly, the Leader more leadingly, the Man more mannishly, the squid more ink-ily.

  3. jerry says:

    Deadeye is Cheney of course, I admit it must be a term reserved to some of the more obscure right-thinking liberal blog fights.

    Chip… all I can think of the the California Highway Patrol. Are you calling me a conservative police force type?

  4. For Enforcement says:

    Jerry, “the truth don’t matter no more, no more),” actually never did.

    Chip off the old block.

    I wouldn’t put you in any ‘conservative’ type group. More the far left looney liberal fringe.

    Never mind, you don’t need treatment for BDS yet, they haven’t developed any treatment for OBC syndrome.

  5. jerry says:

    Hey, I thought that “truth don’t matter no more” quip was sort of accurate re: the Iraq war rational.

    OBC… old block chip?? I am probably on the slap-happy side of liberal.

  6. jerry says:

    I Googled OBC, there are really too many good possibilities Lefty, for example:


    … “for singles who don’t expect marriage next week.” I’ll say, never, ever, would be more accurate!

    I will never let a woman in my life, da da da da.

  7. Barbara says:

    You know when Jerry kept posting chemical facts about polonium in the Litvenko matter from Wikapedia and challenging AJ’s and Crosspatch”s statements (based on actual knowledge not dictionary reading) I thought he was pretty dim but maybe earnest. I have changed my mind slightly. He is still dim but he earnestly thinks he is a comedian. Take my advice, fella, don’t quit your day job.

  8. For Enforcement says:

    Jerry”Jerry, “the truth don’t matter no more, no more),” actually never did. That is your quote. The OBC hasn’t really gotten to you.

    Oh, I didn’t realize you didn’t know OBC. it’s just for One Brain Cell.
    as in BDS OBC strain.

    “I will never let a woman in my life, da da da da.”
    Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    We don’t mind.

  9. Barbara says:


    A ringer.

  10. jerry says:

    Lefty, you’ve got a cheap side, buttressing your flimsy arguments….

    Barbara, that’s not funny… have you been trained in elocution?

  11. For Enforcement says:

    Jerr? “the truth don’t matter no more, no more),”my favorite title.

    if I’m lefty,(but go ahead and call names, trademark of the looney left) about where in the spectrum does that put you. You’re certainly about looney miles to the left of me.

    that’s electricution she’s trained in

  12. jerry says:

    Happily, loonily, left. Electricution eh?

  13. For Enforcement says:

    Yea, causes that BDS OBC strain. you know that tho.