Feb 15 2007

US Rounding Up al Qaeda In Iraq

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The Purge of the Surge is starting to show results as the US has rounded up 27 suspected al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq in the last few days:

Baghdad – US-led coalition forces Wednesday detained 27 terrorist suspects during a series of coordinated raids targeting the al-Qaeda terrorist network in Iraq, the US military reported.

During a series of raids in Ramadi, coalition forces detained 20 suspected terrorists with alleged ties to the al-Qaeda in Iraq and seized computers as well as electronic equipment.

Democrats are now in a real bind. If we are capturing al Qaeda and their information, then now is NOT the time to leave Iraq. There is no excuse for leaving al Qaeda free to do their thing after 9-11. And any policy that results in al Qaeda being free is clearly a dereliction of duty and oath to this country.

So our Dems now proposing to just leave al Qaeda free in Iraq by pulling out our forces? The men and women of the military – all volunteers – have been risking life and limb in response to 9-11 and our 3,000 dead. They have been hunting down our enemies, under Congressional approved policies, in order to protect this country and its people from further attack. Are Democrats going to stand in their way, now stop our forces? Are Democrats proposing we stop facing up to al Qaeda? Are democrats calling for us to leave al Qaeda alone now? Has the left’s deranged obsession over Bush left them now to side with our enemies who have sworn to kill us?

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  1. lassoingtruth says:

    In a recent Military Times Poll only 7% of the troops identified as
    liberals. But 41% said we could not win the war. A large
    percentage were “not sure” but indicated a desire not to offend
    their officers might have impeded a more negative response.

    This poll came after many round-ups of al Qaeda suspects.
    Years of them. Only 35% approved of Bush’s handling of the war.
    Either the BDS is very contagious or Strata and the neocons
    are slinging BDSBS.

  2. BarbaraS says:

    Democrats don’t care how many die or are wounded. This is all politics to them. As long as they can thwart George Bush they are satisfied. The hell with the country and its people. Democrats don’t care about us. We are all collateral to them and disposable as such. As long as they retain power that is all that matters.

  3. lassoingtruth says:


    Taking the minority Kurds who don’t even wish to be Iraqis
    out of the equation, well over half of all Sunnis and Shias
    approve of insurgent attacks on US troops. US troops are
    disposable collatoral to them. Those who wish us to stay want
    a timeline which you oppose and they want us to stay to
    protect them from their Shia or Sunni potential killers,
    risking US disposable lives.

    Meanwhile, your preoccupation with Democrats as the enemy makes
    you and those who agree with you allies of those who regard
    US troops as disposable. It would be discourteous to call
    you a dupe.