Mar 01 2007

Dems Falter, Base Nervous

Seems the radical liberal base is beginning to reach the end with the Democrats in Congress. The only two groups praying for a withdrawal in Iraq are the far left liberals and al Qaeda, so there is not a lot of hope the Dems can get themselves out of this mess:

Don’t go wobbly on us, liberal activists are telling “nervous” Democrats in Congress, as those Democrats mull the best way to stop what many of them describe as President Bush’s war.

“Congress has the power to stop the war, but some representatives are afraid to use it,” said in a message to its supporters. “As the [Democratic] caucus meets and debates, we need to remind them that stopping the escalation and ending the war is what they were elected to do.”

The only sure way for Congress to stop the war is to cut off funding for it, an idea that many lawmakers don’t like because it would put them in the position of failing to support the troops.

Liberal activists say “politics” is clouding the issue for some Democrats who want to cast the war as “Bush’s problem.”

“Politics” is another word for wanting to get re-elected. The Dems are realizing not only are they on the wrong side of the issue with the American people, they are losing ground rapidly. While the rabid 10% of the ultra-liberals in this country force them into one disasterous decision after another, the remaining 90% of the country is not finding this at all funny – or tolerable. The Dems are crossing a line of no return.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Regarding the war in Iraq against Global Jihadism, the Democrats never showed us the details of their “plan”, e.g., “New Direction”.

    As for their “New Direction”, the majority of the American Public should have seen through this “New Direction” plan and NOT vote for them.

    As for the Republicans that are unhappy with their Republican Senators and Representatives and stayed at home on November 7, 2006, was this a wise decision?

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    I agree with your post, AJStrata but I’m expecting sooth-copperhead to challenge your 90% of the country not finding this at all funny or tolerable since he claims in another post that 90% (or 86% or close) of the American Public want to pull our troops out of Iraq.

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    AJ, good post. And, pretty much on target. As well as OBVIOUS.

    It seems even McCain stepped in it when he blasted Bush for the deaths of American troops in Iraq.

    While there are things about Iraq that don’t get mentioned. Where our successes are, in fact, obvious.

    The fact that the HOUSE OF SAUD has to spend money on its own survival, ain’t at all bad. As to Condi rushing in and having “discussions with syria and iran?” They’re players in the way the sunni-Iraqi’s high-tailed it out of Iraq. And, are living in squalor in either iran, jordan, or syria.

    For some reason people think news is supposed to jolt you. When the truth is much more diplomatic. You see the same in Israel. Where the day-to-day life is good. And, whatever IS on the horizon is the same that was there for years and years. And, the streets of Tel Aviv are safer than the ones in paris.

    And, lebanon? Languishes.

    Will Condi solve the problem? Doubt it. But it may not even be one that’s meant to be solved?

    For sure, most Iraqis are not gonna stick out welcome mats to take back in the fleeing sunni’s.

    Can this fester for years? Sure. And, the UN building in New York also won’t be turned into condo properties any time soon, either.

    By the way, those figures that include 86% of all Americans, are bogus on their face. Americans live across 50 states; and that spells all sorts of differences. Not just weather patterns.

    As to businesses that cater to a broad cross-section? Politicians would hire all their help from Walmart’s if it was important to function as an entity that can cater to lots of people, within a limited array of products.

    Besides, I’ve found Drudge closed to the pulse in this country than just about anyone else. We’re not without the news we need to follow. Heck, even this Fitz fandango probably doesn’t enter into the president’s conversation day-by-day. It’s just a zoo out there. This isn’t a downside to the White House at all.

    And, in Iraq? We’re actually making progress. We’re also training our military to learn how to deal with the Mideast. And, the military needs this. It needs it more than it needed that stupid island off the coast of puerto rico! To say the least! Unlike the fallow period between the two world wars, our military is really on an extended learning curve.

    While the media? Do you know they’ve seen better days? Ah. So did vaudeville.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Promises Kept

    Bookworm has an interesting essay regarding MSM:

    The MSM’s new best friend

  4. lurker9876 says:

    This post helps explain why we are at war in Iraq against Global Jihadism:

    The Terrorization of the Defenseless

    And this one, too:

    My First Encounter With The Beast

  5. crosspatch says:

    The only hope the Democrats have at this point is to intentionally sabotage the Iraq effort. At this point the Iraqis are strong enough to begin making great strides themself. From a political standpoint, it would seem imperitive for the Democrats to ensure that nothing other than defeat can come from Iraq because anything short of outright defeat is going to end up sinking the Dems in 2008. Sorry to be so cynical but that is how I believe they think. They don’t care about the Iraqis, they don’t care about our troops, they certainly don’t care about the world in general, they are simply interested in winning the next election and that is as far and wide as their “vision” extends.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Imposing Law enters week III from Iraq the Model.

    Amazing that two shops selling liquor just opened up!

    Some Iraqi police and military taking over:

    Standing on Their Own: The View From Amiriyat al Falluja

    “If you read the entire article, you’ll note something that should be of great interest to readers here in the United States: when al Qaeda attacked the village, residents of this Anbar province town turned not to the U.S. military to take back their homes, but Iraqi security forces, and it was these Iraqi security forces, with no U.S. military involvement at all, that crushed the al Qaeda attack.

    Amiriyat al Falluja is only a small town in western Iraq, and it is by no measure the largest battle here in Anbar’s past or future, but this battle still bears noting. Why? It is the embodiment of what both Democrats and Republicans should be hoping for in regards to the future of Iraq.

    In this town, on this day, Iraqi soldiers and policemen fought a pitched battle against a sizable force of al Qaeda fighters, and prevailed without our guidance, and without our intervention. They won this battle convincingly, standing on their own. What’s more, the local citizens trusted them to be able to do so.

    This is perhaps an isolated incident in an isolated corner of the western Iraqi desert, but it is, after all, exactly what we’ve hoped for. Iraqi policemen and soldiers came through for their fellow Iraqi citizens, and carried the day. We’ve been waiting for such news for four long years.

    It’s a shame that few of us in this country seem destined to ever hear about it.”

    CrossPatch, I share your opinion.

  7. kathie says:

    I just heard Durbin say on C-span if Al Quada is in Pakistan, why are we sending 20,000 troops to Iraq instead of Pakistan? Does it matter that a United States Senator does not understand our constitution? Or contemplate the consequences of invading Pakistan? Bush must just shake his head at the say anything, stupidity of some who want to make policy or critize his just to make headlines, and MSM repeats it. Just like the Wilson saga.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    I agree with CrossPatch.

    Victor Davis Hanson says,
    “It is Not Unusual

  9. lurker9876 says:

    And Confederate Yankee says, “Standing on Their Own!

    Kathie, that’s an idiotic thing to say.

  10. lurker9876 says:

    I mean, Durbin making an idiotic thing to say. You’re right.

  11. Terrye says:

    Can you imagine the reaction of the Democrats if tommorow Bush went to the Congress and used what Durbin the moron said to ask for a declaration of war against Pakistan? The truth is if Bush orders air strikes against the camps they will probably bitch about it.

  12. colanut22 says:

    Lurker, Thanks for the links. Good reading.
    Crosspatch and Kathy, good points. We have to keep up the good fight in Iraq. Losing is not an option!

  13. dennisa says:

    It doesn’t take too much reading of the words of the moonbat Democratic base to understand that they discredit themselves. Nonetheless, Democratic politicians are stuck with them.

  14. lurker9876 says:

    You are welcome, colanut22.

  15. lurker9876 says:

    Another Sign of Democrats in Turmoil over Iraq

    There’s a very good reason why the Founding Fathers made the US President a commander-in-chief and there’s also a good reason they granted Congress the authority of budgeting the military. A good checks and balance.

    Cutting the funds to end the Vietnam War as a gross error serves a reminder of today’s war against Global Jihadism.

  16. HaroldHutchison says:

    Now, all Dubya has to do is to keep the skeer up, and the Dems will be running.

  17. Carol_Herman says:

    Hello. Insiders versus Outsiders since John F. Kennedy got shot.

    He was shot because of the black riots that broke out in New York City and Chicago. As Martin Luther King, Jr., going down south, was trying to stir up the southern blacks. Who actually resisted revolt.

    When the revolts came, during the 1960’s, a lot of white liberals joined the cause. JFK was dead. Goldwater blew out of the water; though he did show the Rockefeller “moderates” that there was gonna be a new way the GOP registered candidates.

    It’s been PARTISAN ever since. The media? Totally donk. Totally committed to what grew out of the civil rights idealism. And, totally skunked. NOW.

    However, they’re not letting go of their megaphone.

    Heck, they’ve even put in their own bloggers at the Libby trial. And, the jurors are gonna spend the weekend getting all dressed up. They’ll also find, when they appear, that most of America has tuned them out. Just like they’ve tuned out the nutwork anchors. So spending money on something doesn’t acctually give you a winning product. But the EDSEL name is “taken.”

    There’s also been a mini-war going on. Where the radical right tried to maneuver itself up the court house steps. And, they’ve also “created” this current 2-years-to-run congress; by either sitting on their hands in 2006. Or by watching people vote for the donks, because the donk’s gave a message of BLUE DOGS. About how they had changed. NOT.

    Bush is doing the best he can. He hasn’t got Reagan’s skills at connecting with the public at large. But he was right about tackling the Mid East with action. And, what gets in the way? Well, congress critters. And, swivel chair bums that infest our state department, pentagon. And, CIA.

    The story’s not out yet.

    Probably will take a decade for the facts to catch up to this disaster.

    But most Americans KNOW ENOUGH to know they prefer being called INDEPENDENTS.

    The only thing with ‘independents,” (and Lincoln knew this). You can’t get elected IN politics without the hacks who do all the legwork. The independents don’t do leg work. Nobody does leg work for free.

    Except? US. We sit and type into the Internet. And, some of us get heard. While others are just laughed at by the majority. Do the bullies try to take advantage? Sure. They burp insults into the void. Who cares?