Mar 02 2007


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Well, here at CPAC in the exhibit hall and met Michelle Malkin at the Hot Air booth (she got the primo spot right up front as you walk in). And I met the person I came down to CPAC to meet, Ed Morrissey. He is more of a gentleman in person than on the web or in radio interviews (we actually did an AM radio show out of Cleveland, Ohio on Able Danger). Also ran into Erik of Redstate who I admire immensely. As of now Duncan Hunter is standing behind me so I will take a break to see if I can chat with him.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    Did you talk about Illegal Aliens at all with Michelle, Ed, or Duncan?

    Here are the headline for Saturdays Invasion News that I sent today. I’m sure you also read them all.

    Virginia locales eye expense of illegals

    Troops on Mexican Border
    Get Citizenship

    House to reconsider bill to help kids of illegal immigrants

    Feds Push Border Patrol Over
    The Borderline

    Patient in hospital rampage illegal alien

    Colorado Farms May Get Prison Labor to Replace Immigrants

    More Rulings in Hazelton Let City Present Witnesses, Trial Starts Mid-March

    Immigration Attorneys Charged With Fraud

    Marcela Sanchez: Immigrant Parents Should Take Responsibility for English Illiteracy

    Utah Adoption Agency Charged With Smuggling

    City explores immigration training for local officers

    Feds seeking 7 years for another Texas cop

    Ramos Not Classified as LEO Until 3 Days After Beating

    rapist gets six to 12 years ( previously deported illegal alien)

    ICE’s $50,000 John: Well, Now We Know Why Immigration Wasted Our Tax $$$ on Tommy Lasorda

    Immigration Follies: Chertoff Testimony; ICE Princess Wastes Millions on Yo-Yos, Chap Stick, Stuffed Monkey

    House GOP: Still Hawks on Immigration

    Tom Tancredo, with No Spanish Translation

    Hope for the Best

    That was today’s stack. Miss a little, missa lot as they say..