Mar 04 2007

Closing In On Bin Laden?

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There could be a political bomb shell in the near future if the US does indeed find or kill Osama Bin Laden. There are some tell tale signs and even open reporting that the US is homing in on Bin Laden. First there was the recent capture of the number three man in the Taliban in Pakistan. This is a major event because the three top Taliban leaders are clearly in contact with the al Qaeda leaders. So claims the number two Taliban leader (who may now be the number on leader) Omar Dadullah. In a recent interview with British media he made claims regarding his continuous contacts with Bin Laden:

A senior Taliban commander says Osama bin Laden is alive and in contact with leaders of Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents, according to an interview aired on British television.

“Only his comrades see him; we exchange messages with each other to share plans,” Dadullah said. “We also go to the battlefield together. We actually meet very rarely, just for important consultations. It’s hard for anyone to meet Bin Laden himself now, but we know he’s still alive.”

The coordination of efforts between the two groups means there is a string of people (contacts), which if followed, would lead to Bin Laden’s general location. And maybe that is what happened here, because ABC News The Blotter is reporting massive US coalition activity now in an area of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border where Bin Laden has thought to be hiding out.

For the past two days, U.S. and NATO forces have been conducting a major attack against a compound in a remote area of Eastern Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden or another senior al Qaeda leader may be hiding, ABC News has learned.

According to eyewitnesses and local reporters in Kunar province, Coalition forces launched a fierce attack on a small enclave in the village of Mandaghel, approximately 17 miles from the border with Pakistan, on Friday afternoon. Warplanes pounded the positions ; U.S. special forces and Afghan National Army soldiers moved in shortly afterwards.

The assault appeared to meet stiff resistance from militants at the compound. Heavy artillery and gunfire could be heard for hours, local witnesses said . A handful of civilians were reportedly wounded in the strike. Though sealed off from outside access, the area now appears to be under coalition control.

Is this the decapitation of al Qaeda? We will know soon enough since word should spread out within a week if they had success, and nothing more will be heard if they did not. But the key to this puzzle is the capture of the number three Taliban leader. If they can gain some intel from him, even in general terms, as to where they make contact with al Qaeda messengers etc, then that will help focus down the search parameters. We have seen this many times before, where we feel we are close to Bin Laden only to find nothing there. But sooner or later we will succeed – of that I am confident.

But then comes the political conundrum for Democrats. It is no secret the dems want to stop the war, even though the Islamo Fascists are nowhere near ready to surrender and would claim our retreat as their victory (and recruiting siren). And so the question is would the left go out and make total fools of themselves and claim the capture or killing of Bin Laden is what we (speaking for themselves of course) went out to accomplish? Would the end of Bin Laden bring about one of the most naive claims in history regarding the War On Terror?

Now if Bin Laden met his end AND major Islamo Fascist factions laid down their arms and sued for peace I would buy the victory claims. When Hitler fell there was no one with any delusions left of consequence that the Third Reich could still prevail. But we are not in the situation now that we had with Nazi Germany. So I wonder how badly the Democrats will play the news of Bin Laden’s demise? I hope to find out soon, as I hope we find Bin Laden and bring him to justice. And then we shall see how badly the Dems want to pretend there is no War On Terror.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    Have a great trip, Mr. and Mrs. AJ! We’ll miss you but we will send you good thoughts this week.

  2. Terrye says:

    We will see. I have thought the man was dead for a long time now. Maybe not.