Mar 11 2007

Dems Afraid Of A Little Joke

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In another sad example of the whiney little Democrat Party getting hurt and taking their marbles home in a huff we have them running from a joke – about Bush!

In a speech to the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation Dinner in Washington D.C. and carried on C-Span, Ailes made what Fox News spokeswoman Irena Briganti said was intended to be a lighthearted jab at the President Bush, who might have trouble telling the difference between Obama and bin Laden.

“And it is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don’t know if its true that President Bush called Musharraf and said, ‘Why can’t we catch this guy?'” Ailes said.

What a bunch of whimps. The Democrats used this joke about Bush to claim injury to their precious, little boy-Obama, Presidential wannabe. Note to dems, if you want to be President you have to be able to handle a lot more than a little joke. How so sadly pathetic. Maybe Momma Shean should run down there and give those poor whittle dems a big hug until they get over their hurt feelings…

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One Response to “Dems Afraid Of A Little Joke”

  1. Terrye says:

    Considering the stuff Bush has to put with from the left, both here and abroad it says a lot about them that they can be such cry babies when there is even a hint of criticism. A hint.