Mar 11 2007

Hillary’s Delusions Of Granduer

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In the words of Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Loyd Bentson: Hillary, you are no John F Kennedy.

He was smart, he was dynamic, he was inspiring and he was Catholic.

I have no idea about Hill’s religious tendencies, but she doesn’t come off smart, dynamic or inspiring. In fact she is quite the wooden doll who drones on endlessly. What makes politicians think they can say such outrageous things? I mean, how big our those egos?

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6 Responses to “Hillary’s Delusions Of Granduer”

  1. TomAnon says:

    Amazing how every prospective Dem. candidate since the ’60s has tried to assume the mantle of JFK. If they actually adopted some of his views and “planks” such as:

    1. Less Government, Low taxes
    2. Staunch Defense of the Country
    3. Stressing the value of giving of yourself

    I am really getting tired of Hillary’s “Hallmark Greeting Card” slogans and two-speed oratory, metalic droning and gear-grinding shrill.

    We have have 19 more months of listening to this. UUgghh…..

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Go easy “on smart.” He was very good looking! And, he didn’t have much of a political philosophy that differs from most reach boys. Including the current occupant of the Oval Office. Who is also a bit Light In His Loafers.

    What JFK mastered, though. Was the sound bite. Unfortunately, the current dude is scared out of his pajamas by media types. His tongue doesn’t work. So instead of dropping his trousers in the Oval Office, like the last occupant, this guy, on that score is clean.

    But he can’t talk worth a hoot.

    Did you hear what he said, for instance, when Libby was convicted? He said, “the jury has decided, and I respect them.” Alas, the system failed to do enough to explain to Bush that all 14 jurors HATED HIS GUTS. This wasn’t a jury decision of note. But it stunk, instead, to the high heavens.

    Unfortunately, ya pay for guys who are light in their loafers.

    People also forget about Camelot; that besides the hollywood schtick, there wasn’t much “there, there.” It took the oaf, Teddy, to spell this out over time. And, of course, as dynasties go, the current Kennedy clan is moving west, into Schwartzenegger’s pocket. And, he is banging into them, not to follow the other dreck that has caused the democrapic party to lose all of its real powers. While it holds onto academics. And, the (s)trumpets of the press.

    Americans are learning to deal with this crap. But good.

    And, probably, the best manuever of all came when Harriet Miers thought she’d sail into the Supreme’s. But she ran into real headwinds.

    From this you can learn the benefits of holding out for QUALITY.

    As to Hillary, what else have you got to choose from? Tall Boy Good Hair, huh?

    Someday, they’ll rename toe democraps the Kos-triches Party. They’ll attract affirmative action voters in all of their swamps. And, in time? The muzzies will control those areas. Unless? The House of Saud manages to lose its kingdom “at home.” (Which is not switzerland!) But within the Mideast you just never know when the “hostile yoots” will go completely nuts and burn down some of those tents.

    It’s global warming, I tell ya. We’ve had too much good coming from technology. Where there’s enough food and medicine to keep whole swaths full of countries festering and growing. And, ya just have to wonder what shape Mother Nature will take to end this debacle.

  3. kathie says:

    What is she thinking?

  4. Jacqui says:

    What is she thinking?

    I wouldn’t assume Hillary is thinking period. I think her people take a poll overnight and tell her what she is thinking every morning.

    Slick Willy pretty much did the same thing – but he was able to pull it off – she does not have his personality or his skillset.

  5. DubiousD says:


    Not to hijack this thread (not entirely, anyway) but given that Hillary is running for President, to the best of your knowledge has anyone in the MSM ever posed these questions to HRC?

    1) Do you condemn Sandy Berger’s actions? Do you think what he did was wrong? Given that both you and your husband claim that your administration worked tirelessly to get Bin Laden, why do you think Berger would have sought to have destroyed secret documents that could only have portrayed your administration in a positive light? Do you consider Berger a traitor to your administration? Can you give assurances that Berger will have no place in your (future) administration?

    2) HRC, the whole of your party is committed to the belief that Bush lied about WMD. Not merely that the intelligence proved incorrect, but that Bush knew beforehand that Iraq had no WMDs and lied to the American people. Do you believe that Bush lied? If so, do you believe that your husband also lied, since his adminstration made the same assertions back in 1998?

    3) Did you support the conviction of Scooter Libby? Do you believe Libby deserves prison time for lying to federal investigators, even though the matter under investigation was not in itself a crime?

    Makes me really ache for that Dem debate on Fox even more…

  6. wavemaker says:

    Carol_Herman — huh???

    DubiousD — great questions. Don’t hold your breath.

    Hillary is smart in terms of pure wattage, I have little doubt. But she is an atrocious speaker; and she is incapable of honest discourse, because she is, at her core, a thoroughly dishonest person.