Mar 13 2007

Anti-War Nutiness

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While we are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan we need to make sure our troops have the best material to ensure their safety. That includes the new Stryker vehicle which is a troop transport that packs a punch. But the anti-war nuts in the US are trying to block this much needed material getting to our soldiers on the front line:

So far, 37 people have been arrested since demonstrations began March 3 at the port to try to block shipment of Stryker armored fighting vehicles to Iraq. The vehicles will be used by 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, which is scheduled to leave nearby Fort Lewis for Iraq next month.

This is no different than blocking the shipment of bullet-proof vests, Humvee armor kits or simply bullets to defend their positions. This kind of anarchists nonsense needs to be denounced, now, by Democrats. Otherwise it will be reasonable to assume their silence is a clear sign of support to truly BLEED our troops out of Iraq. Check out this story, and the picture of two little girls praying for our troops, to compare the ugliness of these vile acts.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    I know it sounds harsh but if our military escorted those shipments with rules of engagement allowing them deadly force, those pansy demonstrators would run in a second. What they are doing is attempting to assist the enemy at this end. The demonstrators are not patriots, they are the enemy and need to be treated as such. Having a differing opinion is one thing. Actively interfering with our military operations though the attempted disruption of shipments of war material is an act of war against our military.

    While I would not suggest they be shot as the media would play it up as big as Kent State … if they were simply run over by the convoy it would be their fault for being too stupid to get out of the way. I say just don’t stop the transport vehicles. Warn the demonstrators and if they stay in the road … then they shouldn’t have been playing in the street.

  2. jimbo1 says:

    Iran has come up missing another senior officer….

  3. dennisa says:

    The missing senior officer is no great loss to the World.