Mar 14 2007

Democrats Enter The Briar Patch

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The Senate just voted 89-9 to go ahead and debate the Democrats’ Iraq Surrender Plan now that the surge is not only showing amazing results, but is actually saving US and Iraqi lives. Want to be the 9 nay votes were Democrats trying to avoid the coming disaster? The Dems are now in the political trap they most feared. Do they abandon the far left nutroot base and realize they cannot stop the progress that is happening in Iraq, or do they commit political suicide with mainstream America. It’s a masterful loose-loose situation the Dems have maneuvered themsleves into.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Saw this article over at sweetness and light.

    The Democrats still believe the following:

    “Even so, the debate would give Democrats a chance to put Republicans on record as opposing a timetable on the war at a time when most American voters oppose the conflict. ”

    Still believe in their November 7th mandate.

    Yuppers, a lose-lose situation for the Democrats.

    I just read both of Harold Hutchison’s two articles – one about lawfare moving to Europe and the other covering CAGW’s mis-priorities. Good articles. Shame that their determination of defense pork turnes out to be the good necessity of our defense program.

  2. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: sorry, but in the poisoned political atmosphere of today, with the Leftist nutbags, MSM, and Hollywood all in it together, to surrender as quickly as possible, and drive Bush from Office if they can, you have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much faith in the “American people”!

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    Okay. I’ll bite. Code Pink can’t draw a crowd. (In front of pelosi’s home? 3. With mattresses. Discovered the sprinklers went on at 4:00AM. LOSERS.

    And, the donks know this!

    Where you have to look for changes? Won’t be on the Internet. Much too free a market place; but quite divided. It’s like a farmers market, anyway. Show up at any given time? And, new truckloads of fruits and veggies are for sale. Works for small time operators.

    What the media needs? It needs to get their stories straight. And, it’s here that you get into the “thicket.” Because there are BIG identity crises going on. Behind closed closet doors? I suppos so.

    But neither party has a clear message to deliver. Which is a good thing for some of the current crop of candidates running for the 2008 nomination.

    While Bush just can’t get out of the manure.

    Yes. There is a difference! Today’s candidates are APPEARING EARLY. In 1992? The elder bush shrub had a lock on what the GOP was able to do.

    So, ya have to hope the Internet, ahead, makes the difference. And, at least keeps the spirit up among mainstream voters, who look at both parties like the plague.