Mar 18 2007

al Qaeda Financier In Iraq Nabbed

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We will keep tearing down al Qaeda one person at a time until they crumble – as long as the Dems don’t win a surrender first vote!

Iraqi forces have arrested an Iraqi-born Palestinian suspected of acting as a financier for the al-Qaeda network, military spokesperson Qassim Mussawi said on Sunday.

Mussawi said Mahmud Hamed Kamal al-Mathi – also known as “Abu Qutada the Palestinian” – was seized by troops on Saturday in Bab al-Moadham, a district of central Baghdad.

In a video of the suspect’s interrogation shown to reporters, the 24-year-old bearded militant confirms his arrest and admits he received money from outside Iraq to fund insurgent attacks.

It will be interesting to see where this man’s blood money came from. If he is Palestinian and it came from Palestine look to see all financial support pulled from Palestine – we will not fund the murder of our own troops. And if it came from one of our supposed allies, the fallout will be swift and sure.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    I’m betting it originated in the USA and went thru an intermediary and ended up with this guy, Kamal al-Mathi , disbursing it.