Mar 19 2007

Iraq Updates

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Let me start with some amateur propaganda on the behalf of the terrorists, and being hawked by the US media. Supposedly here is a video of a US tank being destroyed, but the only US tank I am aware of operating in Iraq is the M1/M2 Abrams, which has a very low profile with sharp angles on the turret (see here and see here).

Update: Reader CatoRenasci had the experienced eyes to ID the vehicle as a Bradley troop Personell Carrier – which clearly that is what it is (see this model here). I am shocked no one was left to guard the vehicle – but it looks like one US APC destroyed. – end update

Clearly the tank being destroyed is not an Abrams and so is not a US tank. I am no tank expert, but this looks like an Iraqi Army tank – not a US tank. The turret is definitely rounded, not a wedge-shape like the M1/M2. And I am pretty sure (without having to call the one person I know who was a tank driver) tanks are not left undefended like this one supposedly was. The tank looks like the one in this picture (not being an expert) which I cannot determine the make (looks closest to a Japan Type 74). But clearly this is not an Abrams, so I would guess the whole thing is a staged fraud.

In an attempt to try and counter the great news in a recent poll on Iraq, Western media houses sponsored a poll with leading questions so they could still frame the doom-and-gloom view of Iraq. Here is the classic mountain out of the mole hill reporting:

The new poll, commissioned by the BBC, ABC News, Germany’s ARD television and the USA Today newspaper also revealed that only 18 per cent of Iraqis have confidence in US and coalition troops.

20% don’t have confidence, that leaves 80% believe something else. And what could that be? The media never says. But they do say this:

But only 35 per cent of those asked wanted the foreign troops to leave immediately, while 63 per cent said the troops should go once security had improved.

Again, 2-1 prefer we stay and finish the job. That is IDENTICAL to the other poll’s findings. And on Democracy as the solution?

A large number of Sunnis – 48 per cent – said Iraq should have a strong leader ‘in five years time,’ compared to 46 per cent who said they wanted a democracy.

Meanwhile, only 11 per cent of Shias sought a strong leader, with 52 per cent calling for a democracy and 37 per cent for an Islamic state.

Given that the Kurds support democracy by enormous majorities well over 80% it is clear the majority of Iraqis want the US to finish establishing their democracy with them. Sorry Dems – can’t cut and run when the people are asking us to help them change their stars from oppression to Democracy.

And in our fight against al Qaeda in Iraq we made great strides this weekend with 12 key terrorists apprehended as well as numerous large weapons cache’s uncovered. All in all a great round of news for the defenders of freedom and a terrible set back for the surrender monkeys in the Democrat party and liberal media.

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  1. CatoRenasci says:

    The “tank” in the picture you referred to (, and the “tank” in the video, both
    look like a Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicle, not a tank. Not surprising the media can’t tell the difference between a tank and the latest incarnation of the armored personnel carrier. An AFV carries substantially less armor than a tank, and is a whole lot easier to destroy.

  2. AJStrata says:

    I was wondering about the armored carrier – the turret gun looks way too small. But is it American or something Iraqi insurgents could dress up to pretend it is American? I honestly spent too much time looking at front view pics and decided someone who knew would recognize it. If it was a troop carrier I doubt they would leave it unattended and just be one vehicle on its own?

  3. AJStrata says:

    Yep, you are right. It is a Bradley. Good eyes.

  4. Terrye says:

    Well if only 20% have confidence in the troops, why do they want us stay 2 to 1. I think the poll is screwy.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Amazing what is happening in some parts of Iraq.