Mar 19 2007

Gonzales Is Pre-emtpive Attack By Left Over Pending Investigations

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I posted this as comment on the post below, but it bears repeating at the top of the page here. The row being made over the 8 AGs and Gonzales is a classic PR move to establish a context to buffer future, pending bad news. We all know there have been ongoing investigations into the NSA leak and other near treasonous acts exposing our defenses during a time of war. And we all know many of those leaks will trace to Democrat Senators and staff. What better way to cry partisan witch hunt than for the dems to try and establish a ‘pattern’ of targetting Dems so that when the facts come out, the Dems can pretend it is not about national security but about the Partisan right. And like good little sheep to the slaughter impatient and myopic conservatives are playing right into the Dems hands. If the story becomes established that Gonzales had to leave because of partisan witch hunts, be ready to lose the entire PR effort on the actual sleeze and illegal activities poring out of the Democrats. Stand firm, stop whimpering and definitely do not give into the Dems on the eve of finally getting results on the investigation we have awaited for over a year now. If you cannot wait, then be quiet. There is NO upside to Gonzales leaving now – none. If our troops can work through bullets and bombs, the rest of us can should be able to weather some bad press with chins held high – you’d think.

Update: Here is a good indication all this talk is meant to pre-empt the NSA investigation results coming public – the ACLU wants an investigation into Gonzales regarding the NSA investigation. If the Reps buckle on this then there is no need for a GOP, except to surrender to the Dems when called upon.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    I agree, AJ, this is a pre-emptive political attack. One of the favorite weapons of the Democrats is their use of “projection” where they accuse their opponents of doing what they are in fact doing.

    It works sort of like this:

    Dems: “You are doing X for political reasons”

    Now, if the Republicans try to respond, it sounds like “No, you are!” and it brings it down to a level of a school cafeteria food fight.

    They do the same with voter fraud. While they fight tooth and nail against voter identification (as if ID is something available only to rich people), they accuse the Republicans of voting fraud.

    The game is simple. Just accuse the other side of doing what you are in fact doing. The Democrats have been doing it for years.

    But here is what bothers me about the entire thing. Why should the prosecution of leaks of intelligence information be viewed by Democrats as “partisan” in the first place? Are they admitting that the Democrats are anti-American? So the exposure of their partisan leaks should be viewed as a partisan attack?

    The DNC has a personality disorder. They should WANT to get rid of any leakers in their ranks, not protect them by claiming politics.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Yes, I had thought the same thing. Whenever something doesn’t make sense that the dems are doing, it is usually about them and they are trying to cover-up something. It’s NEVER about principles, donncha know! (like they had any to start with)

    And Cross, you couldn’t be more correct about the Liberals Pathology…did you see that article written over at titles The Pathology of Liberalism? It was excellent.

    Here’s an excerpt that I love:
    snip/”It is also why liberals, like children, are driven so compulsively by emotion that they simply don’t have the ability to apply rational thought when it comes to George W. Bush. To them, he is still the stronger father to whom they continue to insist: “Is not!” Rage trumps rationality The reason why liberals have remained so intractably unhinged about President Bush is not because of their ideological differences with his conservatism. It is because of their collective inadequate egos. This is no surprise because children have “developing” egos, not fully-fledged senses of themselves, their places in the world, and their worth. Children are wildly egocentric, seeing themselves as the center of the universe and having no appreciation of the vast world that lies outside their limited awareness. In fact, they echo a saying from the Talmud: “We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.”

    Liberals entertain the conceit that they are quite evolved and superior, both morally and intellectually. In their childlike minds, they are “good” and the people who set limits, demand accountability, expect empirical results, fight their enemies and also make judgments about what is good and bad and right and wrong are “bad.” But Rabbi Aryeh Spero says that liberals are “morally inferior, given their lack of heartache over what grieves normal people – the actual torture of our soldiers, the real beheadings, the tearing of Israelis limb by limb, and the burning and dragging of American, British, and Israeli half-dead. Their silence shows their amorality; their selectivity proves their concern is not with human dignity but tarnishing their country’s image.” He calls this thinking “a psychological aberration.” This, again, is no surprise, given that children cannot be expected to have fully actualized moral compasses. Or egos. “

  3. crosspatch says:

    “the ACLU wants an investigation into Gonzales regarding the NSA investigation.”

    That doesn’t surprise me since the ACLU was *born* to protect accused Soviet spies and their entire mission at first was to thwart national security investigations into unauthorized release of national secrets. This kind of thing is the ACLU’s bread and butter.

    It was also the ACLU that filed a suit (dismissed) against NSA.

  4. Terrye says:

    The whole thing is absurd. One of the attornies the Democrats are screaming about is Lam and Lam was not even fired, her term was up. She just was not renominated and the people she was investigating were indicted anyway so there is no reason to believe that anyone got rid of her to stop an investigation.

    No, the Democrats who could have cared less when national security leaks were showing up in the papers day after day…are supposedly concerned about due diligence. I smell a rat.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:


    If it was political, they would have booted Lam when they got wind of the investigation, not after the convictions.

  6. smh10 says:

    If this is true then we will lose another battle here. What a shame that Republicans in Congress do not understand the politics being played here.

    I would like to hope this article is wrong but somehow in todays climate I doubt it.

  7. Retired Spook says:

    IVEHADIT, do you have a link for the article at I looked among their recent articles and didn’t find it. From the part you cited, it sounds like something I’d like to read and archive.

  8. smh10 says:


    I think this is the link for the article IVEHADIT was addressing:

    It really is exceptional so thanks IVEHADIT for pointing it out.

  9. Carol_Herman says:

    Both parties SUCK.

    And, most Americans are claiming to be Independents. They’re not willing to send money to either GOP jerks. Or donkeys. That’s just the way it is.

    Most voters have left the building.

    You could see this one coming.

    Are there problems with Bush? Yes. He is spoiled. And, he’s not surrounded by talent. He’s got the guys now inside, giving him advice, that caused his dad to go home after 4 years, A LOSER.

    And, ya know what? The NSA dreck spilled in the pages of the New Yuk TImes. It seems people have voted here, with their feet. And, they no longer subscribe.

    While the swamp in DC is now an ILLITERATE swamp in DC. Do those folks have jobs? Yup. And, Bush, through Homeland Security MADE IT WORSE! He flushed money down the toilet.

    So as far as it goes the limited supply of trusted politicians are playing, actually, to empty houses. Where the headlines you see actually don’t matter.

    There’s no way AG Gonzales comes off as anything BUT incompetent. No different than “Brownie” at FEMA. You remember him? Why?

    While firing the two-star that ran Walter Reed has produced results. No. It doesn’t clean up the hospital. That’s the tenured jobs inside the union. BUT IT DID SOME GOOD JUST THE SAME!

    How so? Right now an injured soldier, treated at Walter Reed, is put into a group of soldiers. No larger than NINE TO A GROUP. And, each group has a sargeant. Smarter than the 2-star! Because NOW the Sargeant is responsible for ALL the garbage of paperwork. Which was snowing our troops.

    The care at Walter Reed? Still better than anything you’d get in Canada. Or England.

    But improved in such a way that the paper hassle has been put into the hands of troops. Not illiterates. And, not union “halp” that run the brooms.

    As to Bush, soon he goes. And, he departs like his dad. He had been hoping he’d be loved like Reagan. Talentless schmuck that he is.

    And, now you know! The right wing isn’t gonna have a chance to piss into the mainstream, for 2008. Do you know why? By upping 30 states’ primary date to February 5th … it’s no longer easy to “sell out” in New Hampshire. Or at Bob Jones University.

    And, people really are participating in politics. Probably more so, than ever before. Because this stuff registers on the Internet. And, some hosts are finding ways to spread their wings.

    Others? Well, does it matter? America is a huge country. The freaks in San Francisco aren’t running the show.

    And, if Gonzales goes the way of “Brownie,” so what?

    Bush wasn’t served well by Harriet Miers, either.

    Though it seems Sampson had an axe to grind. Because he saved the emails that have embarassed Bush. And, Bush got embarassed because he refused to do the right thing by Libby.

    For years, this man learns only the hard way.

    Same is true for Iraq. George Tenet is still angry! That his “deals” to “halp” the House of Saud made the Iraqis angry! Imagine that!

    And, now the Iraqis are working as fast as they can not to lose what they gained. God Bless Our American Soldiers.

    Bush? He could’a done a lot more. But there’s no talent, there. Just politeness. Men who dress in suits and ties. And, who never raise their voices in anger.

    Not even when James Baker showed up!

    As to the congress critters their days will come, again.

    Elections do roll around, ya know?

    And, the real weakness? The piece lots of people miss. Ronald Reagan had a storehouse of goodwill with the American people. It kept the GOP stinkers worried enough; that “one word from Ronnie would ruin their lives. While now? Bush has nothing. People could care less what he’s gonna say.

    And, politicians have nothing to fear.

    While Rove? He’s gonna go home, too. And, people won’t be making pilgrimages to Texas.

    You’d be surprised what people have learned, if you’re willing to pay attention.

  10. ivehadit says:

    Smh10, that’s it. Thank you.