Mar 19 2007

High Cost, Low Return Equal Liberal Policies

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Nothing is more telling than results. Washington DC has one of the country’s highest per student price tags for public education, and one of the worst records for literacy – where now over a third of the nation’s capitol is functionally illiterate. And Liberals want to bring this magic to schools near you! Thankfully George Bush signed into law requirements for testing to show results to show whether the school system is broken or not. People deride No Child Left Behind – until it is their child left behind. And socialized medicine? Well, being uneducated is one thing, being killed outright by incompetence is a totally different thing. Do you think someone should die at age 42 over hemorshoids? Liberals are OK with it it seems since they keep calling for us to dump our premier health care for this garbage.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Same thing happened out here with Oakland’s school district. State was throwing tons of money at it, the money got spent but the students weren’t doing any better. By the time the state really started digging into it, they found school board members with fancy cars, relatives with high paying “consulting” contracts, and shadow employees that nobody ever heard of. And the Democrats vowed to throw even MORE money down that hole.

    Spending doesn’t equal quality. My children’s school district gets the least amount of funds of any district in my county yet they have the highest test scores.

  2. gumshoe says:

    “Do you think someone should die at age 42 over hemorshoids?”

    c’mon AJ,spellcheck isn’t THAT hard.

    on a post about illiteracy,
    obvious speeling errors sink your arguement.

    a little QC can make
    people inclined to dimiss your arguements
    pay more attention.


  3. gumshoe says:

    speeling …that should give sooth and lasso a good laugh.


  4. dennisa says:

    Washington, D.C. public schools had a problem with being overloaded with administrative staff. Additionally, what kids are taught to read these days? They spend all their time watching TV and playing electronic games. And if their parents weren’t literate, how much reading material do you think gets in the household?

  5. DubiousD says:

    Same thing with Kansas City, Missouri. Under judicially ordered “desgregration” back in the ’80s Missouri poured millions and millions of dollars into the Kansas City public school system, including the creation of magnet schools. The result? No improvement in grades or high school graduation levels whatsoever.