Mar 19 2007

McNulty Out, Gonzales To Stay

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Update: President Bush, one of the few Reps out there with a spine, did as I suspected and is backing Gonzales. And the liberal media and Dems are going to remain distracted (and therefore off balance) on this lame AG shake up – opening opportunities for Reps to show some leadership on serious issues – not inside DC baseball silliness. – end update

Deputy AG McNulty, the man behind all the leaks to the media in the DoJ, will be out at Justice for his attempted coup detat. Almost all reporting tonight agrees on that much. My bold prediction: Gonzales will weather the storm, Schumer/Leahy will be reminded of the separation of powers, and Bush will pull one out because there is no way he will let the power of the Presidency be eroded by raw partisan greed. I know, most will not believe me, but Bush’s last two years will predicated on holding the line now on Gonzales and purging the DoJ of the backstabbing McNulty who tried to pull a Plame in Justice.

Addendum: Let me further explain why I am making this prediction. I am pretty sure the Dem used people like McNulty to monitor the NSA Leak investigations, which probably lead to a Dem Senator and his staff (or two). This kind of investigation has to be done thoroughly and in secret because it represents a very sticky constitutional conflict. As I said, if Gonzales leaves the Dems will claim any news of the results of the investigation were politically motivated vengeance for Gonzales’ departure. But if Gonzales stays, then the administration can say ‘it seems we understand NOW why the Dems wanted Gonzales gone’ once the news breaks.

If these investigations are about to become public, then Gonzales must stay to make sure the Dems and the media cannot cover up the crimes with claims of partisan dirty tricks. That is why Gonzales will stay, in my humble opinion.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    There is no proof that Alberto Gonzales is a corrupt hack who perjured himself under oath before Congress. The 3000 pages of documents proved that.

    Schumer won’t recuse himself, though.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    AJ Strata,

    I’m glad to hear that Bush is standing by Gonzales. I hope he won’t pull a Rummy on Gonzales, though. I emailed to both the WH and DoJ that Bush needs to stand by Gonzales to get past those ridiculous hearings and inaccuracies.

    Poor Patterico…he says he’s having a hard time defending Gonzales and the WH. I can understand where he’s coming from. Both the WH and Gonzales blew it with Leahy’s committee.

    One post over at JOM said that two of the major networks did not report on this story today. A good sign? Hope so!

  3. dennisa says:

    I repeat: firing six U.S. Attorneys is no big deal. God, are some people stupid, or what? Democrats have fired U.S. Attorneys numerous times. Was it for political reasons? You bet. Was it in the middle of an investigation. You bet. Some people are just plain stupid. And they vote for Democrats.

  4. dennisa says:

    Thank you, Soothie, for giving us the Democratic talking points.

  5. Soothsayer says:

    You repeat:

    firing six U.S. Attorneys is no big deal.

    If it wasn’t a big deal – then why lie about it under oath? If it wasn’t a big deal – why are there 3,000+ pages of e-mails about it?