Mar 20 2007

More Non-Scientific BS From GW “Scientists”

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When scientists outright lie about science where can people go to expose this outrageous behavior? For example, here is a story proposing a whole new, unfounded and unsusbtantiated theory that biological clocks are tied to the length of day (or when the Sun finally returns being fully overhead at the equator during the Spring Equinox) and nothing else:

Spring officially starts on Wednesday at 0007 GMT when the sun passes north over the celestial equator but scientists say the biological clocks of animals and plants are running ahead of time, perhaps upset by global warming.

Orange trees, olives and peaches are blooming weeks ahead of schedule in Greece, geese are cutting down on migrations in Canada and the United States and bears have been unable to hibernate in Bulgaria.

Animals and plants take advantage of all sorts of signals and indicators so they can maximize their resource intake. Many plant seeds will not sprout until they have experienced fire or a freeze in the soil. Many animals cue on temperature so they do not leave to early from the warmer climates or arrive too late to take advantage of the food that is abundant. By saying migrations are ‘early’ because of Global warming is a lie – they are exactly on time because palnts animals use more than the length of day to make seasonal transitions.

Is this wrong? Hell no – it is NATURAL! By using temperature AND daylight length animals optimize their travels. Implying this is new or different or bad is a lie. So where do we go to deal with scientific balderdash? This is not the first time migrations have begun this early – not by a long shot. When snow covered Greenland was mostly green land, migrations were probably earlier than this year. But that was long before man could be the fantasy scapegoat for natural processes.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    I recently read an article that migrations are triggered mainly by abundance of, and type of food. In spring, preferred foods spread North and the animals that eat them follow. As the seasons change, food becomes scarce so they move South.

    Thermometers have only been existence for about 200 years. We have had climate variation forever. In fact, go back past 2 million years ago and you find a period of about 200 million years with no ice ages at all. Earth was tropical pole to pole. 2 million years is a blink of Earth’s eye.

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Actually, it’s a tax ploy. Coupled to what’s happened in universities that bit the “diversity” bullet.

    In other words? Unhappy with having to do math, these creeps now do “science.” With an outcome where they want to “charge a tax” against those who make them angry.

    That the poor sucker at the end pays? Sure. In more ways than one.

    Including what’s happened in universities where you get a lot less than what you’re paying for.

    Part of the problem? Well, separate from phony credentials, we’ve also grown a “spoiled brat” population; where no one questions those in their twenties who aren’t married. Heck, even the president’s two daughters are escaping the fate their mom embraced.

    And, it’s not necessarily academics that’s filling the vacuum.

    Still, in a fair market, where you can discount phony oscars. And, nobel piss tripe; you do see that what happens when real profits break loose, don’t cha? It goes to the risk takers on the old stuff. What was once hollywood’s bread and butter, is now “300.”

    As to how many people really believe that algore, who got a “D” in earth science, when he was an undergraduate; just shows ya the left’s propensity to attach itself to despotic dogs.

    Still? They haven’t captured the hearts in the marketplace. Nor do they own any military willing to go to the barracades for them.

    So, you just have to wait out the latest “fad.” You say “global warming?” I say “Doing the Charleston.” And, I bet ya can’t bang your knees with your hands, and cross them over, in a dance step. Anymore.

    Someone may even want to take a guess to figure out the speed limits on any new “fad.” And, then? What replaces this one, next time? Nor will it matter.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Take the time to read this PDF document on predicted climate response to solar cycles 24 and 25.