Mar 20 2007

Dems Pretend Play President

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The Dems are learning a few brutal political lessons, the first of which is they are not President and no one wants them to be, and no one asked them to pretend to be. Check out the WSJ’s commentary on the foolishness (and the wasted actions) of the Congressional Democrats:

In wartime, day-to-day military operations are not neatly broken down into arbitrary categories that can be codified into law. Under proposals by Democrats, for example, the military might have to increase the number of lawyers to scrutinize battlefield decisions by military commanders. Do we really want our commanders on the ground to debate whether specific patrols represent allowable activity (under the banner of “protecting United States and Coalition personnel”) or whether they amount to other, prohibited combat operations? Do we really want our commanders to rely on lawyers to determine if hot pursuit of an illegal militia would be allowed as “conducting targeted counterterrorism operations” or be prohibited as “policing a civil war”?

The American people are not interested in Congress playing President.

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6 Responses to “Dems Pretend Play President”

  1. The Macker says:

    The self-importance of congress is always on display. But I suggest that this Dem congress has been researching and planning an assortment of “traps” to ambush the administration. This would explain the innocuous AG terminations brouhaha.

    It would also explain the suggested legislative minefield to hobble the President and military in Iraq. The Dems probably see a “Boland Ammendment” opportunity to force a presidential misstep.

    It also explains the start of what may be endless hearings on issues, now known only to Party leaders and their researchers.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Hey why not play president, they have so many running for it.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Big Lizards is now calling our Congress, “Imperial Congress”. A perfect fit for our Congress.

    They are grabbing power from the other two branches as much as they can.

    Yesterday’s Senate vote to remove Gonzales’ ability to appoint attorneys is a major concern because I see it as their emotions taking over reason.

  4. Carol J says:


    “Yesterday’s Senate vote to remove Gonzales’ ability to appoint attorneys is a major concern because I see it as their emotions taking over reason.”

    Your assuming that they posess reason. I won’t make that mistake again. There hasn’t been a Democrat worth a DAMN since John Kennedy!

  5. Carol_Herman says:

    “Are we there, yet?” That’s the call you get from kids in the back seat, who are anticipating the joys of arriving at the park. Or whatever the destination, where parents willingly take them along.

    I also think the whole left this is grossly overrated. If it weren’t? “300” would have tanked at the box office. Meanwhile, while it was watched, the Oscars were the worst in its 72 year history. And, none of the films or music actually has any lasting impact.

    While algore took his show on the road. To the monkey house in congress.

    Yes. At some point the politicians wake up and begin to fear the public. At least the parts they can’t manipulate.

    So what if all looks peaceful in front of the cameras? Who sez this crap is winning out? Let alone what backstage always looked like, as talent went for everyone else’s throat.

    We were also doing okay in Vietnam. The draft was OFF. But the media had the only microphone. Still, by 1980, a lot of the wind came out of the donk’s sails.

    Even if you don’t think they felt bad about Clinton’s escapades, I beg to differ. They felt very bad. But they didn’t want to show this face in public.

    Again. What really moves aren’t the labels, so much as the voters.

    As long as the GOP steers clear of its own dreck. And, there are plenty of GOP fools still elected to congress. What they can’t figure out is how to appear in favor of anything Bush does. Since, Bush, himself is an acquired taste. And, his popularity doesn’t give politicians room.

    As a matter of fact the biggest losers are the donks. Because Bush was actually willing to work with them!

    To see the circle, you have to notice that what Bush wanted and what he got are two separate things. And, now he’s mad. With less than two years to go.

    And, a mainstream taking interest in the way the playing field is shaping up. Since idiots in Iowa and New Hampshire just got their tickets ripped.

    Will it take money to win?

    Guiliani isn’t short of money. And, he’s not short of important states already behind him. Like California. Ohio. And, Pennsylvania. He also polls well in New York. Which isn’t the best of news for Hillary.

    Again, back during the 1990’s, people made fun of Ken Starr. But without Ken Starr Bubba would have gotten a pass. Now? He’s locked out. And, his wife doesn’t have the keys.

    When Obama becomes popular, you’ll start to recognize this in the wave that comes along when kids get named after famous stars. I don’t really think there’s much of a run, yet, on this one.

    But the media pumps propaganda. And, for some reason this fuels the independent spirits of Americans. Who come and look at what’s going on through the Internet’s eyes.

    One thing you can do is count just how many people comment. That’s not an indicator behind the hits.

    And, even if Drudge isn’t “fashionable.” He has lots more followers that any of the nutworks, or the printed papers, combined. Why? He seems to pick out the threads that are important. And, he pays money for the good links. That’s how you know what you know.

    And, that’s why most people take in stride the nonsense that once thrived on C-Span. My. How times do change.

  6. BarbaraS says:

    No, the American people ar not interested in the dems playing president. Especially if they want stupid rules and lawyers making decisions.
    Where do these idiots come from?