Mar 21 2007

More Sunni Tribesman Join Fight Against al Qaeda

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Major Update: It seems the fighting to rid Anbar of al Qaeda is broader than I initially thought. So why is the US liberal news media sitting on this news? – end update

It seems the locals in Anbar Province are taking up arms alongside the US and Iraqis and attacking al Qaeda militants at every opportunity:

Enemy fire continued throughout the afternoon until U.S. warplanes targeted about 20 insurgents with guided munitions and strafing fire, killing six of them and destroying their vehicles, he said.

Iraqi police Col. Tariq Yousif Mohammed said members of a tribal alliance that has been created to fight al-Qaida in the surrounding Anbar province joined the fighting in Fallujah and Ramadi, some 30 miles to the west.

Amiriyah is just to the east of Fallujah in the Anbar province, an insurgent stronghold that has seen some of the fiercest fighting of the U.S.-led war that began four years ago.

The “Arab Street” is coming out of hiding and standing up – on our side.

Update: We can also nix one bomb making factory in outside Baghdad today. At the pace the insurgents are being uncovered it seems clear the locals are fed up and turning them into authorities.

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  1. smh10 says:

    Many of the stories coming out of Iraq now seem to point to the locals finally standing up for themselves. This is certainly welcomed news here at home and I am certain is embraced by our wonderful military.

  2. DaleinAtlanta says:

    To take advantage of the obvious split going on these days in Al Anbar, between the Al Qaeda types, and the local tribes, if not between Al Qaeda and the indigenous Iraqi insurgents, how do we get the “word” out to the Military Leaders on the ground, in Anbar, and elsewhere, that in their dealings with the local Sheiks/leaders, to refer to the “foreign fighters”/Al Qaeda types as “Qutbiyyah” is an absolute MUST!

    To understand why, please read:

    We have to take advantage of this obvious momentum somehow; and that is one way, to refer to all foreign fighters/Al Qaeda types, as the “Qutbiyyah”; it labels them, as Apostate Muslims, for reasons explained in the article!

    We need to utilized the Arabic interpreters, as well as our Iraqi allies, to get the word out as well!

    Recently, a brief put by the DOD, picked up on this split within the Salafiyyah movement, between traditional Salafiyyah (like the Saudis/Wahabiyyah) and the Qutbiyyah, and it recommend that the US/US personnel, NOT do this, because we did not have the Islamic “credentials” to do something like that.

    That is exactly wrong, and the opposite; if we, as non-Muslims, can label them (Al Qaeda) as “Qutbiyyah”; then it’s obvious to Muslims that they’ve strayed too far, and even non-Muslims can pick up on it!

    I think it’s imperative, that that word is put out to all Unit Commanders, Intel Officers, etc.

    Remember, they should NOT call them “Salafiyyah” nor “Wahabiyyah”; that is too close to home!

    But calling them “Qutbiyyah”, is perfectly acceptable, and will help in the propaganda war against Al Qaeda and Foreign Fighters in Iraq.

  3. DaleinAtlanta says:

    GREAT follow-up article, from MEMRI!

    Must read for anyone who takes this seriously!

  4. crosspatch says:

    It isn’t only the tribes taking up arms as tribal entities. Their willingness to lend their sons to the national police are bearing fruit as well. In this CENTCOM press release we see Irani police forces made up of tribal recruits clearing central Ramadi yesterday involving over 500 local IPs.

    The Iraqis have confidence and are doing the job. Rummy’s “tipping point” has been reached.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Thanks for the links, gang!

    Great to hear such positive news, even if these sources are coming elsewhere other than our liberal MSM!!