Mar 21 2007

Dems Imploding On Iraq War Vote

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The Democrat House “Leadership” has lost control of its members as the Democrats splinter over a bill that, at its essence, fully funds the Iraq war. The far left liberals are fed up with platitudes and excuses and I seriously doubt they plan to support any more facade votes on Bills that do exactly opposite of what they want. And this can be seen as many liberals in the House leadership come out opposing the Bill slated for tomorrow’s vote (H/T Rick Moran):

One of the Democrats’ chief designated vote counters, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), is actively working against the Iraq war spending bill. The leadership’s senior chief deputy whip, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), spoke passionately against it on the House floor. And one of the whip organization’s regional representatives, Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), is implacably opposed.

Now the Dems are trying to bribe members to vote for the Bill (so much for convictions when a pol can be bought for cheap and easy pork). It won’t work, and here is why. First off, the Reps will sieze this moment to establish their minority power. It is rare in the House to be able to do this, and so even anti-war Reps will not be bought off this easily and so cheaply. So they will send House leaders a loss so they can up their pork requirements next round. My bet is the Reps are being isolated from the pork-offerings, creating a solid block of opposition.

Second, the anti-war left is too big for the Dems to buy enough votes. If the Reps balk and oppose the Bill, as I think they will, the fact is the Dems are split 50-50 on the matter and a good chunk are not budging. My prediction: the Dems will pull the Bill and avoid the embarrassing vote. The liberals will get their pound of flesh and the Reps will be more united. And the Dems will have bungled it again. Here is the latest count, and I predict they will have trouble hitting 200 votes when gut check time comes. Most of the Congressional Black Caucus is against the Bill. The “Out of Iraq” group is79 members strong and much larger than 15 members Pelosi can afford to lose on a vote. Their leader is opposing this Bill. So I would be surprised if the vote comes off at all.

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  1. dennisa says:

    The problem here is that some Democrats actually believe the party’s propaganda.

  2. OregonGuy says:

    I’m reminded of Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”. Perhaps the word “splitter” will be incorporated into the American lexicon?

  3. crosspatch says:

    As long as it appears that things are going well in Iraq, the Democrats are going to have a really hard time advancing any “withdraw now” policy. They have created this US Attorney scandal to divert attention from the Iraq debate but that is going to cost them in the end for one simple reason:

    The DoJ scandal doesn’t matter. It is not criminal. Even in a “worst case” scenario … lets imagine the President blatently fired 8 US Attorneys because he didn’t like their politics … fine, he is allowed to do that. The Democrats simply want TV time with hearings and White House staff under oath answering questions. The Democrats are trying to create a daytime soap opera to keep attention diverted for the time being from the Iraq issue. It isn’t about actually *doing* anything. There is nothing they *can* do. The worst that could happen is that they could extract a pound of political flesh and push Bush’s opinion poll numbers down. Big deal.

    But here is the real issue … once a person is at a public hearing and under oath, there are no boundaries on what a Senator could ask. So they could put Rove under oath and ask about Plame. There isn’t a judge there who the person being questioned can lodge an objection with and have the questioning limited to the subject at hand.

    What really might be going on, in addition to creating something shiny to keep people’s attention distracted from the Democrat’s Iraq policy debacle is a chance to get these people under oath and ask them things well beyond anything going on at the DoJ.

    They (White House staffers) are afraid they are going to be asked about something that happened many months ago, respond to the best of their current recollection, and then be charged with “perjury” like in the Libby case. They won’t be charged with committing any crime associated with DoJ, they are afraid of conflicting testimony and someone filing perjury charges. In other words, using testimony itself to prosecute people, not for any crime, but simply for the testimony give.

    The result of that is that it is going to be much harder from here on out to get ANYONE to EVER testify against ANYTHING.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    If congress was a cart, you’d see it stuck in the mud. Upside-down. And, the wheels flown off on their own.

    You don’t see this, because you’re “organized.” So you put “structure” where there is only mayhem.

    Yes, the congress critters play in a room full of money. It’s been described as a “flood.” Or worse. So much money, it shoots out at canon-top speed from a hose. And, it’s hard to control. Especially, since some of these idiots attempt to push some of the money that’s flowing out, into their home freezers.

    While the president is a man of patience.

    The media? Well, they don’t get a good grip on Bush. Even his televised statements seem “contrived.” Since his tongue doesn’t exactly touch the roof of his mouth, making words coming out appear as if they’re dancing. He’s just no Ronald Reagan.

    But he has the presidency, as an institution. He knows how it works. And, sometimes it works with less than the brightest in terms of hiring da’ help.

    So, the issues the media chooses are all made up.

    For starters. Here are two clues. ONE: Iraq has money! To get to the money they need more than just us helping them with our military. They need the whole nine yards. And? Well, Michael Totten, reporting from the 40% that belongs to the Kurds, says that you see building going on everywhere. And, the streets are safe.

    Where are they not safe? Ah. If you answered they are not safe in the oil fields, then you’ve got something else upstairs rather than brains.

    If you’re saying they’re not doing well in their Roach Motels, this is very true. True, too, in Lebanon. And, probably, syria and egypt, and jordan, as well. But you don’t see headlines, you say?

    And, this is true. Despots wouldn’t give you a chance to run the kinds of headlines our media runs against our men in the military; and our president. Every. Single. Day.

    A lot of good it does them, though. You know why? Businesses run on black in. Red ink? That’s a ball buster.

    The movie “300” … WOW. Found the spigot to making a few men millionnaires. And, it’s done without a single star. But, you you go and look closely, you’ll see a writer/director who knew his stuff. Couldn’t sell his stuff to any of the nitwit stars. See if he cares?

    Business is business. The president feels the same way.

    While the clowns in congress are heading downhill, in terms of having much of a reputation. As a matter of fact? It probably means in 2008, you won’t see a single senator wowing Americans across the board. Not that they’re not trying to race into the White House. Only that most of us will avoid voting for them like you’d avoid the Bubonic Plague.

    So, you see headlines? So what?

    If you’re here, you’re also persuing the news through the Internet. Which is a filter. Not run by the boobs in DC.

    Things could be worse. The donks could have an FDR to run. But don’t.

    And, the GOP? Well, it looks like those smoke filled rooms that cancelled out General MacArthur’s chance to run for the presidency in 1948, have been busted. Took a long time! Since boobs with money sure have polical ambitions.

    But it’s harder now. Americans are a splintered audience.

    And, Katie Couric is way at the bottom of the barrel. Sure. She gets paid more than any other “host.” But she’s a loser.

    Hollywood does that, too. You’ll notice they hosted the Oscars with plenty of idiots in the audience, waving foreign flags. And, yes. The idiot who got a “D” in Earth Science at college, got an Oscar. Well? Not for talent!

    As to having enough people in America that we look like Venesuelians, would be strikingingly difficult to prove.

    And, all the stink produced by congress is nothing more than BS served up at the expense of losing the mainstream audience. Sometimes, ya gotta wonder why they waste all that money?

    When Ronald Reagan was running in 1980, to talk of the money wasted he spoke about welfare queens. And, exactly how did being on welfare pan out for most folks? Huh?

    Bush is way too nice a fella. That’s actually his public personna in a nutshell. He has nothing to overcome to succeed. And, I have a feeling his appetites for more witchhunts is over.