Mar 21 2007

Pakistani Troops Join Waziristan Tribes Against al Qaeda

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It is amazing the Sunni’s are fighting alongside Iraqi and US coalition forces in Iraq while Pakistani forces are now supporting Waziristan tribesmen in their battles against al Qaeda.

Tribesmen loyal to the Pakistan Government exchanged mortar and rocket fire with foreign al-Qaeda militants for a third day today, leaving at least 106 people dead, officials said.

Pakistani troops also shelled the Uzbek militants sheltering in the mountainous tribal area of South Waziristan, security officials and residents said, although a military spokesman denied the Army was involved.

The fighting started on Monday after ex-Taliban commander Ullah Nazir, who backs President Pervez Musharraf’s moves to expel foreign fighters from the area, ordered followers of Uzbek militant Tahir Yuldashev to disarm.

Something is definitely changing on these two fronts of the war on terror.

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  1. dennisa says:

    Al Qaeda losing again. As they have every time.

  2. Soothsayer says:

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

    Media reports from Turkey appear to confirm weeks of rumours that Turkey is moving forward with its long-planned invasion of Northern Iraq. The Turkish Military, by far the most powerful in the Middle East, has cancelled all leave and has moved “additional forces” up to Iraq’s northern border. The target of the presumed invasion will be the ‘outlawed’ PKK, otherwise known as the Kurdistan Workers Party.

    What will the response of the US be if Turkish forces commence attacks against Kurds in northern Iraq?

    From the Turkish Daily News :

    The United States made it clear on Monday that it “certainly” opposed any Turkish military action inside northern Iraq to fight the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party’s presence there.
    A top Turkish military commander at the weekend reaffirmed Ankara’s right under international law to send troops into northern Iraq to attack the PKK terrorists hiding there if it saw fit.

    U.S. State Department spokesman Tom Casey said that Washington certainly did not want to see any Turkish military operation in the Iraqi-Kurdish controlled northern Iraq. “We believe in the territorial integrity of Iraq,” Casey told reporters.

    Turkey maintains that the PKK is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Turkish civilians and soldiers in terrorist attacks since mid-2004, launched from inside Iraq. Turkey maintains that PKK terrorists are being armed, fed and sheltered by sympathetic Kurds in mountain regions of Northern Iraq, close to the border with Turkey.

    As Rosanne Rosanadanna used to say: It’s always something.

  3. dennisa says:

    It’s mostly Democrats who see spooks in every closet.