Mar 21 2007

To Face Your Actions, To Face Life

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This is really a great new plan to inform and show women what “their choice” really actually means:

The South Carolina House gave key approval Wednesday to a bill that requires women seeking abortions in this state to first review ultrasound images of their fetus before the procedure.

If enacted, it would be the first law of its kind in the nation. Some states make ultrasound images available to women before an abortion, but South Carolina would be alone in mandating women see the pictures.

I oppose making abortions illegal (for now, primarily because it won’t pass) and prefer we as a society educate people so one day the abortion will go the way of other killings for personal convenience (verses medical necessity). And this is the best way to swing public support to restricting the act by exposing to them what the act is they claim is some kind of right. And remember, these babies were once fetuses and embryos too.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    I want the government to stay out of it. It grants everyone the right to believe in it or not. I don’t believe in it except in rare cases but I don’t want the government to tell me what to believe or not believe. Education is the right way to go so I agree.