Mar 23 2007

al Qaeda Pushed From Baghdad, To Diyala, And Out

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al Qaeda seems to be in full retreat in Iraq. First they (and the Shiia Mahdi insurgents) bolted Baghdad when the US and Iraq started flooding the streets with military and security forces. al Qaeda spread out to Anbar and Diyala provinces. In Anbar, as we have been seeing, the local Sunni’s are allying with the coalition and fighting al Qaeda, pushing them eastward to Diyala. And now comes the final push in Diyala:

Could Diyala be Al-Qaeda’s Waterloo?

The U.S. military has developed battle plans designed to clear al-Qaeda out of Iraq.

High level military intelligence sources have told CBN News the offensive would target the Iraqi province of Diyala.

The province is located just northeast of Baghdad, along the Iranian border.

Many of al-Qaeda’s forces in Baghdad moved there when the new troop surge was announced in January. Diyala is now a major launching pad for al-Qaeda suicide bombing attacks.

“If you want to diminish the amount of car bombers and suicide bombers, you have to take the fight right to the source. And in this case, the source is Diyala,” said CBN News consultant Daveed Gartenstein-Ross.

“The insurgents are left with two choices–either to stand and fight or to retreat into Iran–at which point, they’re Iran’s problem,” said Gartenstein-Ross.

Now connect that with an al Qaeda beg for Sunni unity and it seems clear al Qaeda is feeling a bit of a pinch. In addition, al Qaeda is now trying to deny it used Chlorine gas in attacks last week, clearly feeling the heat for gassing Muslims indiscriminately. I said then al Qaeda made a huge strategic error in trying to produce spectacular news using the bodies of Iraqi Muslims. The denial is a sign of desperation and no one is going to buy it.

The Democrats apparently will not be passing their surrender Bill before the tide has a major turn in Iraq. And since it truly is not a surrender Bill, just another lie for the base to chew on, it really doesn’t matter what the Dems do. Of course, that is turning out the be the result of the 2006 elections – the Dems do nothing of any import or value. Their BDS has finally consumed them completely and wholely.

Update: al Qaeda seems hell bent on getting all of Iraq aligned against it. One of the top Sunni members of government, Deputy Prime Minister al-Zubayi, was injured in a suicide bombing attack. al Qaeda must know bombing your host will get you kicked out of their house.

Update: More details on the attack on the deputy PM and those killed in the attack.

A Baghdad TV channel has said that the suicide bomber who attacked Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister Salam al-Zaubai Friday was one of his security guards.

The security guard, named only as Wahb, who was wearing an explosives belt, blew himself up inside a Baghdad mosque near the Green Zone where al-Zaubai was performing Muslim Friday prayers.

Not a good sign when the body guards are infiltrated.

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  1. kathie says:

    Perhaps the Dems would be better off reading intel reports or AJ Strata then spending their time rounding up people to vote on a silly bill that is a sure looser for our country.

  2. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: the “surge”, is a no-win situation for the President, and this Administration.

    First, Rumsfield, who’ve I’ve defended for years, didn’t want it to happen, and the only reason it did happen, is because he’s gone.

    Second, let’s assume, it is working for now; and it basically polishes off Al Qaeda, with the intended side-effect, that the indigenous Iraqi killers decide to come to negotiating table, seriously, and eventually settle with the Iraqi Government, and peace breaks out!

    What is the FIRST thing, the Moonbat Leftists will do?

    They will attack the President, and say he didn’t do the “surge” SOON ENOUGH!

    And, that if he had done it sooner, he could’ve saved thousands of Iraqi and US troops lives!

    Never mind their own hypocrasy, that they’ve been trying to surrender for years; that is what they will immediately do!

    Some, like Murtha, will actually try and take credit for the “victory” as well!

    They’ll say, that by putting “pressure” on Bush, with threats of “redepolyment” and cutting off funds, they actually Forced him to do the “surge”, and thus caused the victory!

    You read it here, first!

  3. AJStrata says:


    The moonbats are going to whine no matter what. So get the results we need and let them rant. They are all irrelevent now because they just funded the surge – which is a vote of support!