Mar 23 2007

Left With Full War Funding, KOS Kids Revolt

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The Great Wizard of Kos himself penned a pathetic rationalization on why a Bill that fully funds the war, has no binding control on next year’s budget and efforts (that comes later this summer) and has benchmarks that only need to show ‘progress’ (whatever that is) is actually good. His lame excuse was the Bill tells America Dems are for surrender! Well, Duh! Everyone knows that. The Wizard of Kos is all happy he got some headlines in the news!

The point is everyone now knows, when push came to shove, the Dems actually wilted and fully funded the war they said they would stop. They promised change and they produced lip service to their base. Well Markos, the Great Kos, may have been duped but his readers have not been:

Now wait a second here (7+ / 0-)

Are we just interested in good headlines, or is the goal to actually save the lives of American soldiers still being asked to die in a war based on lies?

C’mon, people! Some of us actually think there should be some substance to politics. And some of us think the surest way to lose power is to fail to actually stand for real values.

I for one do not like this deal at all and it makes me rather disgusted with my party and its leadership.

Bush is pragmatic. (2+ / 0-)

He’ll take the money, and ignore the rhetoric.

What Platform? (9+ / 0-)

What will the message be in the summer of 2008?

Remember eighteen months ago? One house of Congress we control demanded that this war end eighteen months in the future. That bill never became law, but if it had…well now we’d really be against the war.

gotta get past today’s headlines (8+ / 0-)

and think about what this really means.

You can’t spin this – its another vote to approve this war.

Headlines come and go.

Looks to be about 50-50, with half strutting around with this lame fig-leaf pretending they accomplished something and the rest just shaking their head in disgust. I am with the disgusted crowd. If the Bill was going no-where (and it is) then stand up for your principles. The idea they are going to get serious next time is a joke. Next time there will have been progress made and no one will pull the plug if success is possible. This was their one and only chance and they blew it. They funded the war and that means they gave their support to the surge and its results. They now own this part as much as they owned the initial vote. These people will never learn – thankfully.

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