Jul 20 2005

Double Homicide, Pregnant Woman

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What posesses someone to be so callous and cold as to kill another human being is something I hope to never understand. This is a tragic story, but one I think we as a nation need to come to concurrence on. And no, it is not that cold blooded murder is wrong. [ hat tip Drudge]

A resident of Hominy, Okla., walked into a local diner Tuesday afternoon and allegedly shot a pregnant waitress, 26-year-old Becky Clements, in the head, then shot her again in the stomach and chest. Sheriff Ty Koch said the motive is apparently a recent letter to the editor of the Hominy newspaper, the News Progress, written by the woman.

Osage County authorities say they’ll ask for two first-degree murder charges against 63-year-old Roy Westbrook, who was recently honored by the newspaper as Hominy’s 2004 Citizen of the year. The newspaper is a weekly with a circulation of about 1,500.

Clemens was 11 weeks pregnant.

The letter from the dead woman had said local vandalism is done by prominent citizens and referred to spray-painted graffiti on a rental home owned by Westbrook, although it did not name him. The letter did say the spray-painting was done by the owner.

Westbrook was trying to evict the victim’s sister from the building.

What we need to agree upon is there were two murders here. A women’s supposed right to chose doesn’t extend to some other person’s right to chose for her. Any paranoid liberal who claims this is an attack on a legal policy has got their priorities all screwed up. When a women’s right to chose is now extended to anyone’s right to make the choice, irrespective of her desires, we are well down the slippery slope.

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