Jun 05 2007

The War Between Islamo Fascist And Moderate Muslims Is On

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The SurrenderMedia needs to get on the ball, forget their bias and pride, and report what is happening in Iraq. The supposedly “sectarian” violence the media tries to claim is going on is actually a battle for the heart of Islam – which will determine whether Muslims can join the community of nations in the 21st century or sink into the abyss of al-Qaeda’s brutal fascism. The battle between the Islamo Fascists and the moderate Muslims (who are now joining the US coalition) is on. It can be seen in the attacks of al-Qaeda which is now targetting the biggest threat to their efforts in Iraq – the moderate muslims now fighting al-Qaeda:

A suicide car bomber struck a group of tribal chiefs who opposed al-Qaida, killing at least 18 in a market area near Fallujah. Tuesday’s attack underscored the difficulties facing Sunni leaders in trying to wrest control of Anbar province from the terror network.

Much of the al-Buissa tribe has formed an alliance against al-Qaida in Iraq, which has alienated more moderate Sunnis with its brutality and dependence on foreign fighters. The U.S. military has touted the alliance, the Anbar Salvation Council, as a success in its efforts to stabilize the country.

To correct the SurrenderMedia, al-Qaeda is attacking those who used to provide them cover. al-Qaeda – not the US – is attacking local Iraqi leaders. It is a demonstration of al-Qaeda’s challenge in trying to stay viable when the locals are now taking up arms and ready to kill these bastards from al-Qaeda. We know the SurrenderMedia is biased, but apparently they are also blinded by denial if they miss the fact local support is shifting from al-Qaeda to the Iraq government. Support always comes from the grass roots. Al-Qaeda’s support is so screwed up they are attacking and killing their hosts! Al-Qaeda is trying to impose violent oppression on a region which is now up in arms against it, aligning with the US goals for Iraq.

The fact is everyday we see more people joining our cause and taking arms up against al-Qaeda:

Amy Lt. Col. Morris Goins, the commander of the 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry, said local Iraqis are getting tired of al Qaeda intimidation and threats and are cooperating more with Iraqi and coalition forces.

The operation, south of Baquba on May 27, liberated 42 men, most of whom worked with the Iraqi government. Al Qaeda kidnapped the men and held them in the area. “The men were handcuffed and some showed signs of torture,” Goins said during a telephone interview from Diyala today. Some of the men had been hung from doorways and beaten. All showed the effects of their captivity, he said.

Local people are volunteering for the Iraqi army and the Iraqi police. “The Iraqis want their country back and are taking steps toward that,” Goins said.

al-Qaeda is losing its grip on their supposed ‘strongholds’ in Iraq. The Muslim street is rising up – against them. Not against the US and Iraqi government. The Muslim street sees the choice and they are not only rejecting al-Qaeda, they are ready and willing to kill them off if they do not leave the Iraqis’ homelands. More here on how al-Qaeda is being chased from Diyala Province, just as they were chased from Anbar Province over the last 6 months:

There is evidence that al-Qaeda is being squeezed out of Baghdad by the troop surge and has already been driven out of its traditional stronghold in Anbar province. In response, Al-Qaeda in Iraq has attempted to make Diyala province their new headquarters. Diyala has always been an active area for al-Qaeda, and they have set up training camps in the adjacent Hamrin Mountains and are attempting to turn the province into an Islamic principality under their command.

According to reports from Diyala’s residents, al-Qaeda is forcing families to marry their daughters to its members and requiring their sons to fight on their behalf. They have raided schools and killed teachers in front of their students (al-Mada, May 15). In fact, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), of which al-Qaeda is a part, has killed and displaced hundreds of civilians who have not cooperated with their demands. They have threatened tribal leaders and tried to prohibit anyone from cooperating with the Iraqi government.

Nevertheless, some Diyala residents are fighting back. Following the example of the Anbar tribes, Diyala has formed its own salvation council. Despite, and as a result of, its aggressive tactics, al-Qaeda is facing fierce resistance that has resulted in a number of deaths within their ranks (al-Mustaqbal, April 30). The Diyala Salvation Council is a coalition of tribal leaders, prominent members of the community and their followers. No less than nine major tribes have joined—the Shammar, al-Jabbour, al-Zawba, Duleim, Tamim, Bani Assad, Bani Lam, al-Naime and al-Obeid—and many of them encompass both Shiite and Sunni members.

Nevertheless, Diyala residents are not relying on Iraqi government support that has been slow in coming. Judge Wail Abdul Latif, a parliamentarian and former member of the Iraqi Governing Council, has encouraged Diyala’s tribes and urged them to continue fighting al-Qaeda and the ISI instead of waiting for government support.

It is unbelievable that the SurrenderMedia is so biased it cannot simply report actions being made by the Iraqis themselves. This is not US propaganda. These are Iraqi actions taken at the local level with a clearly stated purpose: destroying al-Qaeda. This is Shiia and Sunni coming together to destroy al-Qaeda. Why is this not front page news?

al-Qaeda lost Anbar and is now on the verge of losing Diyala. These two Provinces were their principle bases of operations in Iraq. There are smal enclaves in other smaller Provinces, but if al-Qaeda loses Diyala it has lost Iraq. When – not if – but when al-Qaeda loses Diyala Province then Prime Minister Maliki and President Bush will be able to claim a huge change in Iraq, and can claim they are well on the path to victory. Iraq is the tipping point in this war on terror.

Contrary to the comments of the weak-kneed in DC, if we win in Iraq al-Qaeda’s reputation will have been destroyed. Just as if we lose in Iraq OUR credibility (and therefore our security which exists on top of the image of America has a super power), al-Qaeda will be mortally wounded. There is no chance of al-Qaeda winning if they are battling the local leaders. There is no path to success down that path.

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