Jul 24 2005

Cohen is Incoherent

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Richard Cohen provides the second of two Washington Post examples of liberals out of touch, out of sync and possibly out of their minds. The temptation to point out the incoherencies was too much for Mark Steyn to pass up

Leave aside Cohen’s careless assumption that the 2004 election was “all about” the Supreme Court: I happen to be writing this in a taxicab stuck in traffic in Central London, where bombs are going off, and it seems to me last November was a little about all that loud exploding stuff, too. If the Democrats hadn’t been so hung up on chads and the court, they might have had something to say about that.

Leave aside, too, that it was the Democrats who were trying to “hang enough chads.” The Republicans were happy to have the election decided on — what’s the word? — “votes.” It was the Democrats who introduced us to the Four Chads — Swinging Chad, Dangling Chad, Hanging Chad and Dimpled Chad — at a time when, to most Republicans, the Four Chads were that vocal group who’d headlined the party’s A-list $3.95-a-plate celebrity fund-raiser. It was the Dems who demanded the election be decided by chad diviners interpreting the subtle, indeed undetectable indentation of the dimple as a decisive vote for Al Gore. America has chads in its politics because Democrat lawyers put them there.

As far as the dems are concerned there is nothing in this world beyond obsessing about their failures. There is no war on terror, just political ‘framings’ about Iraq to try and beat George Bush on. As Steyn points out, if the left could stop navel gazing and address America’s issues they might stop taking a pounding at the polls.

Mark Coffey points to a similar take down at VodkaPundit, which points out a few things for the navel gazing cohen to contemplate

The results of the 2000 election became moot on November 7, 2004. In the four year prior, Bush – hanging chads or not – didn’t appoint a single Supreme Court justice. The Democrats had a chance to unseat Bush in 2004, but failed – and without a single dangling chad.

Can we say Move On?..

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