Jul 18 2007

Media Mythbusters Blog Launched

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A great new blogosphere service is being launched called Media Mythbusters Blog. There you will find a wiki-style resource on all the poor, misleading and out-right wrong reporting that the media has perpertrated on this country and uncovered by the bloggers. From the faked stories in Iraq to faked photos, you will find one resource for media malfeasence. I will hopefully get a chance to post on the Able Danger, NSA Terrorists Surveillance and other subjects (possibly the Downing Street Memo forgeries).

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  1. satrist says:


    Thanks for the link. Very informative.

  2. crosspatch says:

    “you will find one resource for media malfeasence”

    Yet another one? I think newsbusters.org has been around a while too.

  3. clarice says:

    “From Times OnlineJuly 18, 2007

    Berezovsky ‘hitman’ was deported from UK
    An assassin is said to have been sent to kill exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky
    Adam Fresco
    A hitman sent to Britain to kill Boris Berezovsky was arrested by British security services as he planned the murder and then deported, it was confirmed tonight.

    The gunman was spotted as he entered the country through Heathrow airport and placed on 24-hour surveillance after intelligence was received about the plot to kill the exiled Russian tycoon at the Hilton Hotel on London’s Park Lane.

    Police had already warned Mr Berezovsky that it was not safe for him in this country and he had gone abroad a week before.

    Scotland Yard tonight confirmed that the killer had been held on June 21 and then handed over to the immigration services on June 23 after having had his visa revoked. He was then deported and told not to return to the UK for at least ten years. ”


    Just an update.

  4. ivehadit says:

    Clarice, has anyone figured out who is doing what to whom in this saga?

    Can you imagine being in London these days…I love London…such a beautiful city with so much happening underneath…but what else is new?