Aug 27 2007

9-11 Anniversary Showdown Over Iraq

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The showdown over Iraq, to be held in the OK Corral of Congress, is going to happen right near the anniversary of 9-11. And my prediction is it will be a huge dud, primarily because the Surrendercrats in Congress and the SurrenderMedia are out on a limb and the progress we have seen is going to ruin their reputations with the American people. So they have no choice but to play it all down and make it go away. After months of predicting doom and gloom and pushing to hand Iraq to al-Qaeda they have better bury the outcome – if they want even a modest voice in the debate of national defense of this country.

Many things have happened since the Democrats tried in vain to defund the war so we HAD to lose. The most important is the Iraqis have rejected the brutality of al-Qaeda, since they taste their own blood daily thanks to al-Qaeda’s blood lust and impotence to hit Americans. After months of killing and torturing and kidnapping Iraqis, al-Qaeda has become enemy number one. Just one example:

About 200 gunmen stormed two villages in Diyala province Thursday, killing at least 22 members of a Sunni Arab tribe and taking 15 women and children hostage in an attack thought to be retaliation for their renunciation of Al Qaeda-linked militants.

Residents of the villages include members of the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade, a Sunni militia now collaborating with U.S.-led troops to drive out insurgents and retake control of their region.

The gunmen destroyed the mosque shared by the two villages and killed the imam, Younis Hameed Abid, police said.

At least 10 of the attackers were killed and 22 arrested by police and brigade militiamen who repelled the incursion, said Police Chief Ali Dilayyan of Baqubah, the provincial capital. But the militants seized eight women and seven children as they withdrew from the hourlong firestorm, he said. The fate of the hostages was unknown.

The Muslim street is rising up – and opposing al-Qaeda. They are fighting al-Qaeda, turning them into authorities, repelling them from their lands. Iraqis have seen the face of al-Qaeda and have been swearing on the Koran in large numbers to destroy al-Qaeda. Who wants to stop this trend? Who will say we should give up now that al-Qaeda has become the evil of Muslims – not America?

The Democrats have had to move from predicting military doom to accepting military success (never bet against the American militar). So they decided, naively and in some masochistic sense to prolong and extend their idiocy, to claim the whole thing will still not work because the political process is stuck. Well, no it is not. People forget the fact that bargaining requires holding out for the most you can get. And as we approach this deadline (set by Bush) we see the final agreements starting to come into sight as time runs out and people grab for what they could get:

Iraq’s top Shi’ite, Sunni Arab and Kurdish political leaders announced on Sunday they had reached consensus on some key measures seen as vital to fostering national reconciliation.

The agreement by the five leaders was the most significant political development in Iraq for months and was immediately welcomed by the United States, which hopes such moves will ease sectarian violence that has killed tens of thousands.

The apparent breakthrough comes two weeks before U.S. President George W. Bush’s top officials in Iraq present a report on the country that could have a major influence on future American policy in Iraq.

Duh! Does anyone think the Iraqis would let this opportunity go down to a bunhch of windbags in DC? Pulleeease. While I applaud the intentions to make Iraqis understand this was a serious deadline and we could not support anymore inaction (though we seem to let the Dem Congress get away with it a lot), the fact is the pulling out threats were not helpful. But now, all those who desired to lose Iraq on the eve of our success can relish the idea they sacrificied their credibility for the greater good. Which is much less traumatic than sacrificing your life or limb – like our forces on the ground do day in and day out as the windbags puff in DC.

Here is what I said back in January regarding the Dems and Iraq and where we would be:

Spinelessness, like defeatism, is not a character trait of Americans. We are a ‘can do’ society. We break down barriers, we shake things up, and we are impatient. The impatience with Iraq and the ever paralyzed Republican Congress gave Democrats one slim chance. The Dems gave the impression there were easy solutions, that they had a Hail Mary play up their sleeves. There are no easy answers, and the Dems only idea is to lose to Al Qaeda.

But it is more than that. Democrats are absolutely tone death and completely out of touch with the average American – who is struggling day by day to make a decent living. Quitting is not an option for normal Americans and they don’t want to hear people with nothing to lose, driving around in chauffered limousines to their house here or house there, are giving up.

The report from Iraq will be mostly positive with some challenges ahead. But it will not be a reason to cut and run to Okinawa. More than that, though, is when we look back to what the world look liked on 9/12/01 we will be proud and optimistic about where we have come and where we are headed. And no one will be hoping the Democrats should have been right. No one, not even the Dems (publically at least).

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