Oct 17 2007

Defeat Of al-Qaeda In Anbar And Diyala Provinces

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While the US commanders in Iraq are wisely waiting to declare any complete victory of al-Qaeda in Iraq, there prime hot spots of Anbar and Diyala Provinces are clearly victories, and the US forces are making adjustments as a result. First in Diyala:

he Associated Press is reporting that U.S. forces in Iraq will begin leaving in December and that the first out will be the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division in Diyala province. That move would cut Army ground brigades to 19.

Soldiers from a brigade in adjacent Salahuddin province will expand their coverage into Diyala when III Corps returns to its home base at Fort Hood, Texas.

Note this is not a precipitous cut and run withdrawl like the mindless liberals keep calling for. There is clearly an opportunity to reduce forces without losing the gains and the US is taking advantage of the opportunity.

In Anbar the militart is not nearly so coy about the situation in the first Province to see the tide turn against al-Qada and therefore has the longest period of time for the results to settle in:

The U.S. military said Al Qaida has been defeated in Iraq’s largest province.
Officials said Al Qaida’s network in Iraq’s Anbar province was incapable of major operations. They said U.S. and Iraqi military operations, combined with improved intelligence from Sunni residents, have eroded the Islamic insurgency movement.

“There are still attacks in Faluja and surrounding areas,” Col. Rich Simcock, a senior officer from the U.S. Marine Corps 6th Regional Combat Team, said. “We have not killed or captured every single Al Qaida member that’s here. But their capabilities are greatly diminished. I would characterize them as a defeated force.”

As the blowback against al-Qaeda’s atrocities on Iraqi Muslims swept through Iraq, more and more Provinces have come to represent the conditions seen early on in Anbar. By this measure there is a lot of good news ahead of us in the coming months, which should provide the US military enough confidence in declaring more and more of Iraq a success (most of it is right now).

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    I also hear the Armenian genocide resolution is loosing ground

  2. lurker9876 says:

    I am glad, Merlin, that the House Representatives are backpedaling on that Armenian Genocide resolution. Funny how someone jumped on me because of Bush’s comment made in one of his 2000 campaign speeches about the Armenian Genocide.

    Good to see that the NYT is going downhill. After its leaks and support of its leaking writers, it deserved it and the Americans let them know it. Interesting that Americans’ responses to NYT aren’t reflective of the left-wing polls. Well, it shouldn’t be all that surprising…

    Wonder if the House Representatives, including the Democrats, are having regrets on their votes for the Speaker of the House….Pelosi….

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Incidentally, the latest Hillary is saying about her “new” health care is that she wants the government health care programs be made available to any Americans.

    Doesn’t sound like HillaryCare1.0 or 2.0 that we’ve been reading but…

    I still don’t trust her to propose a health care program that doesn’t appear to be anything like a socialized medicine. All she wants is socialized medicine so how can she ever propose such a non-socilalized medicine program?

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Speaking about the draw-down of our troops in Diyala and Anbar, are these places strong enough to defend themselves once we draw down?

  5. crosspatch says:

    I think there are several things in play here. First of all, any “draw-down” in the near future is going to be very moderate. In conjunction with those troops coming home, we will probably begin to see the remaining troops slowly re-deployed within Iraq to base complexes. We will probably still patrol the cities just to keep a finger on the pulse of things, but with a much smaller footprint in the towns once the towns stabilize. The Iraqi army and police (with the possible exception of the National Police) are gaining in both strength and competence as they get more training and experience.

    While all of that is going on, I believe there is going to be an effort to create a clearer demarcation between the Shiites that follow the Qom-based mullahs in Iran and those who follow the Najaf school of thought of al-Sistani. There is probably going to be some serious friction there before all is said and done. We might end up seeing units from Diyala and Anbar being re-deployed to Basra at some point in order to clean up that area from corrupt fundamentalists backed by Iran. That is a tougher nut to crack but with the recent overtures between Sunnis and Shiites, it might now be possible to focus on creating a common ground between government leaning Shiites and Sunnis. If there is enough combined weight there, Sunnis who support the former regime and Shiites controlled from Iran might find themselves in a tough spot with a population who doesn’t support them.

    And I believe that the turning point in all of this was the Iraqi national team winning that soccer match some months ago. It seems like that event was a watershed that seemed to solidify some national identity and a sense of patriotism among the people.

  6. Al Qaeda in Iraq…

    Conditions in Iraq are improving. The Maliki government is slowly making progress on legislative reform. The Sunnis and Shi’ites have begun to cooperate with each other. The New York Times reports that voters in the US associate Iraq with the War on T…

  7. crosspatch says:

    OT: The TSA is “brilliant”!

    The TSA announced a new policy for security screenings of religious head coverings in airports. Officials say the coverings will only be patted down if traveler permits it. Instead the person can opt to pat down their own head covering …

    From UPI

  8. stevevvs says:

    Shi’ite tribal leaders in Iraq warn jihadists on the rise

    “The sheikhs blamed Washington for giving Shi’ite Islamists a free hand in the south.” There’s certainly a strong element of truth to that, but at the same time, we cannot be expected to do everything for them. In particular, communities must have the will to resist Sharia law themselves from within.

    “Tribal leaders warn Islamism on rise,” from Reuters:

    Shi’ite Islamist political parties are imposing strict Islamic rules in the oil-producing southern provinces of Iraq and using their armed wings to create a state of fear, a group of tribal Shi’ite leaders said.
    The four tribal leaders approached on condition of anonymity, fearing assassination if their names or even their home provinces were made public.

    “Fear rules the streets now,” said one of the sheikhs.

    “We cannot speak our minds, people are not allowed to oppose them. They would immediately disappear or get killed. The evidence of that is I am talking about it but cannot use my name.”

    The fear is not unfounded – two provincial governors and a police chief were blown up by roadside bombs in August, apparent victims of infighting between the Shi’ite parties for political dominance in the region, source of most of Iraq’s oil wealth.
    Aides to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the reclusive religious leader of Iraq’s Shi’ites, have also been killed.
    The sheikhs said the conservative religious attitudes meant only religious music was now allowed to be played in public places and dancing was forbidden, as was drinking alcohol.
    Women were also harassed for wearing clothing deemed inappropriate.
    Photographs of secular political leaders like former interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi could not be displayed in shops and other public areas.
    Street committees that were set up to protect neighbourhoods from al Qaeda attacks were being misused to spy on residents and report infractions to the militias and the police, they said.
    “The people of the south are religious, we are believers, but at the same time we like to live our lives and we like freedom,” said one sheikh.
    Washington blamed
    The growing strength of the parties in the south has weakened some secular tribal leaders and excluded them from power structures, a source of patronage and revenues.

    “Some say the Shi’ites are lucky because they are now ruling Iraq, but that is wrong.

    It is the Islamist Shi’ites who are ruling Iraq. Their victory was a curse for us,” said one sheikh.

    The sheikhs blamed Washington for giving Shi’ite Islamists a free hand in the south.
    US forces are concentrated to the north, focused mainly on Sunni Islamist al Qaeda and other Sunni Arab militants and so-called rogue Mehdi Army groups.
    Washington has thrown its weight behind Baghdad’s Islamist-led government despite misgivings about its failure to push ahead with national reconciliation and the close ties between some parties and Iran, the United States’ long-time foe.

  9. stevevvs says:



    KLEIN: Many programs on Palestinian television have been teaching viewers Jews are descended from pigs and monkeys and that we use Palestinian and Christian blood to bake our Passover matzos. Is this what you believe?

    AHMED: I know where this question comes from. You think that we all are naive or bad from birth or that we were exposed to brainwashing. We just follow what we are demanded in the Quran to do, because if we do not do so we will be attacked, occupied, controlled and killed by these enemies of Islam.

    KLEIN: You didn’t answer my question. Do you believe I come from pigs and monkeys?

    AHMED: The Quran tells us that Allah was upset with the Jews because of their negative behavior towards Moses and Allah’s commandments and Allah shouted to the Jews, ‘Be pigs and monkeys.’

    I don’t know if physically Allah turned them to pigs and monkeys, or it was a way to tell them that they are as terrible as pigs and monkeys. The most important thing is that this is what Allah, may he be blessed, thinks that the Jews deserve to be.

    KLEIN: Do you think your family will miss you if you became a suicide bomber, or would blowing yourself up amongst Israeli men, women and children make them proud?

    AHMED: My family, I think especially my mother, they have the feeling that one day they will hear that I carried out an operation. I do not think that they will be sad that I killed myself in an operation. It is the will to satisfy Allah.

    We just follow what we are demanded in the Quran to do, because if we do not do so we will be attacked, occupied, controlled and killed by these enemies of Islam.

    You See, These Terrorist, not just Al Quada, are only doing what the Islamic Texts TELLS THEM TO DO.

    There are Moderate Muslims, There is no Moderate Islam. They all read from the same Qur’an. If you go to Amazon, they don’t have a Qur’an for Moderates, and a Qur’an for Fundamentalists. The difference is, the moderates prefer to ignore the bad stuff, and follow what has been abrogated. I’m thankful of that, but they are not following the Qur’an properly.

  10. crosspatch says:

    I found an article about Iraqis returning to Baghdad from other countries and I decided to read it because the subject seemed interesting.

    But about halfway into the article I discovered that it is a fabrication. The giveaway is this statement in the article:

    From their old home in Baghdad, Zaid said Friday that the family was trying to cope. “When we first got here we could not sleep for the first couple of nights because of the blasts and all-night-long shooting, but now it had become a routine,” he said.

    Zaid said they mostly stay inside “because its not safe to go out.” And they are trying to collect money to return to Syria a goal made more uncertain by new visa requirements imposed by Damascus.

    There is not a single neighborhood in Baghdad with shooting and “blasts” going on all night long, every night. That is a fabrication, plain and simple. Over the past couple of weeks, the daily body count in Baghdad has been around 5 … a lower per capita murder rate than in New York City.

  11. Soothsayer says:

    They’re pulling the troops out of Diyala cause they haven’t got replacements . . . not becaue the job is done. Get a clue. And the Shia and Sunnni conflicts remain unabated. Al-Qaeda in Iraq was never more than a foot-note, folks.

    AJ – notice the market tanking 360 points today – something to do with oil prices . . . and Dick Cheney hasn’t even launched the attack on Iran yet . . . which would drive oil to $150.00 a barrel and bankrupt the US . . . so we’ll see whether the deficit is reduced to zero by the time George leaves office. Don’t bet on it — oh – we already did.

  12. crosspatch says:

    “They’re pulling the troops out of Diyala cause they haven’t got replacements ”

    Sooth, you are an absolute nut case. Did you know that only SOME of the National Guard units that had been recently alerted for overseas duty had ever been activated before? The others had been activated once in the past 6 years.

    The notion that we don’t have “replacements” is not only wrong, it is idiotic.

    Oil prices are rising because the dollar is dropping. That is normal. The price of every single good produced outside the US will be rising. Or, to put it another way, goods produced in the US will be cheaper for the world to buy, which is why you saw our trade deficit take a turn down. You will probably notice that the price of oil relative to the Euro has been stable. On the overall world market, oil has been stable. It is the value of the dollar that has been falling.

    Sooth, go to school. Get an education. Your idiocy is tiresome.

  13. crosspatch says:

    Oops, I meant to say in the previous post that some of the units being sent overseas had never been overseas before. The others had done one tour in the past six years. Not exactly “overworked”.

    Also, Sooth, have a look at this.

    BAGHDAD — One hundred forty-one Paratroopers decided to stay Army in a mass re-enlistment ceremony held on Forward Operating Base Kalsu, Oct. 14.

    The Paratroopers from 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division made the decision to continue their service in the Army after being deployed for over a year.

    Imagine that … 144 soldiers re-enlisting AFTER having been deployed for over a year. Doesn’t sound like they really NEED so many “replacements” if you ask me. The casualty rate is low, the retention rate is up. Sounds to me like they are doing a fine job, indeed.

  14. crosspatch says:

    It is getting so bad that sites like icasualties.org are having to list non-combat deaths due to illness as Iraq war casualties. Yesterday a soldier died in Germany from an illness. He had been in Iraq. They counted that as a war casualty.

    The anti-war crowd is really having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for bad news. The other day they were reporting how bad things were for gravediggers lately and lamenting the fact that fragging isn’t what it used to be back in the Viet Nam days. And in Berkeley there were more pro-troops people than demonstrators at the Berkeley recruiting station. It must be a serious shock to these people to show up to demonstrate and find themselves outnumbered by people supporting our country and our soldiers. But that is what you have to expect when you have people who have been breathing their own exhaust for the past 6 years.

  15. Soothsayer says:

    Uh . . . Crossmoron:

    Oil prices are rising because the dollar is dropping.


    Don’t believe I implied otherwise, idiot. However, the steep rise in oil prices to $90 a barrel over the past month means American consumers are almost certain to pay more for gasoline, heating oil, airline tickets and even food and goods that have to be transported great distances, and some analysts are now predicting oil could go as high as $120 a barrel.

    The market dropped 360 points yesterday, so I guess you’re claiming that’s a GOOD thing? And Bush/Cheney continue to psoture with respect to Iran . . . and a strike against Iran would drive prices at the wellhead over $150.00 and devastate the US economy.

  16. “Bootlicker”

    Hey Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Nutbag Traitor Cus-Omac!

    I bet you’re in mourning over this headline:


    because your ideological soulmates, the Jihadis, aren’t going to be able to use those explosives to kill more American Military Personnel.

    It must be HELL to be you!

    A Traitor!

    A Liar!

    A Nutbag!

    A Leftist!



    A Cus-Omac!

    What a pathetic, miserable, moronic indivual who leads an empty Traitorous life!

    How anyone can come to hate their own country so, and root so openly and blatantly for the enemy to win, and your own country to lose!

    What a contempaible, pathetic, pitiful, disgusting human being you are!

  17. Soothsayer says:

    Ah, Dale-the-booted-to-the-curb-jarhead, full of invective, totally lacking in content or reasoning.

    I keep telling you, Dale, even a cashiered gyrene can get free meds from the VA. Get back on some meds – ask for Geodon – before you lose your grip entirely.

  18. “Bootlicker”: well, if you insist Volunatrily taking a $75,000 upfront cash Fee, “booted” to the curb, ah….okay; to me, it only made business sense, since that incentive was discontinued six months later, and I’m one of the few people who got it!

    But, ah…sure, whatever!

    Of course, for a Leftist, Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi Traitor Nutbag, and obvious Socialist as well; anyone who actually MAKES money, is no-good in your twisted delusionary world…so….ah…yeah…..whatever!

    But aside from that, what you cannot dispute, and NEVER have, is the following:

    You ARE:

    A Traitor!

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    A Cus-Omac!

    Those, sadly, and pathetically, FACTS!

    Not in dispute!

    I still win!

    That’s the part that really sticks in your craw!