May 29 2005

Insurgent Violence Not Fault of US

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It is clear to anyone who is not lost in blind hatred of Bush that the violence and death in Iraq is not the fault of the US liberation of that country. First off, the carnage is being inflicted by foreign fanatic jihadists whose blood thirst is driven by their need to rule absolutely. Second, the Iraqi’s are the one’s dying. But all one needs to do is look outside of Iraq to other Muslim countries to find the same carnage. Innocent people being killed in the name of Allah, which is just code for islamic fascists who want to rule with a bloody, iron hand.

Two bombs exploded in a crowded market in a Christian-dominated town in central Indonesia yesterday, killing at least 22 persons and wounding 40, police said.

The blasts in a region known for Muslim-Christian violence came two days after unspecified security threats prompted the United States to close its diplomatic offices.

…Witnesses said many of the victims had come to help those injured in the first blast, only to be killed by a second, larger explosion that left a 3-foot-deep crater.

What useless destruction. But there is no US run occupation in Indonesia, no US troops patrolling the streets. This is a Muslim country under its own elected government. Where is the outrage from the left? Oh, right. They are too busy with Gitmo detainees’ false complaints to be bothered with understanding and reporting what the movement these detainees align with represents.

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