Aug 11 2005

Able Danger, Atta Update V

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Is it possible the 9-11 commission did not want to include the Able Danger reports because they messed up the commission.s well-crafted timeline. A timeline which did not provide opportunity for a meeting in Prague between Atta and Iraq intelligence? That is the new possible revelation coming from an AP story, cited at the NRO Corner, linked from Redstate

From the Corner:

The 9/11 Commission staff did hear about intelligence-gathering efforts that hit pay dirt on the whereabouts of Mohammed Atta — in 1999 — and deliberately chose to omit word of those efforts.

And why? Because to do so might upset the timeline the Commission had established on Atta.

And why is that significant? Because the Mohammed Atta timeline established by the Commission pointedly insisted Atta did not meet with an Iraqi intelligence agent in Prague.

And why is that significant? Because debunking the Atta-Iraq connection was of vital importance to Democrats, who had become focused almost obsessively on the preposterous notion that there was no relation whatever between Al Qaeda and Iraq — that Al Qaeda and Iraq might even have been enemies.

This is pure speculation, but unfortunately it fits the facts of the 9-11 commission behavior to some degree. I still think the key cover up was what happened in the summer of 2000 – when a PR hungry administration, looking for AQ cells in the US, looking to show off its national security bona fides, in an election year, walked away from a terrorist cell handed to them on a silver platter.

OK, maybe the democrats were pyschotically focused on blanking out any Iraq connections to 9-11. That could be the motives for the incomplete and erroneous 9-11 report.

If so it will go down in history as one of the most blazen acts of arrogance and stupidity seen in our government. A government duped into believing a rigged commissoin could do better work than congressional hearings.

But it doesn’t answer for the summer of 2000.

More from Captain Ed here (maybe he will read my posts now??) Just kidding!

Dr Sanity is also getting steamed about how the truth lost to political/personal agendas.

Good post at Mac’s Mind as well from someone who knows the intel business.

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