Apr 25 2008

Brand New Iranian Weapons Show Up In Iraq

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Clearly the Iranian flow of weapons into Iraq and to the Mahdi Army continues apace, and may even be increasing as brand new systems are being discovered in the hands of insurgents:

he US military says it has found Iranian-made mortars, rockets and explosives in Iraq bearing recent date stamps, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

“You can see the manufacturing dates right on the armaments themselves,” a senior commander in Baghdad was quoted as saying. “These are very clearly weapons that were made in the last month or so.”

Iran denies supplying ammunition to Iraqi militants, or training them.

Earlier this week, a US general in Iraq said that the increasingly sophisticated attacks carried out by Shiite extremists were evidence that they were getting extra aid from Iranian groups in the country.

More here. Iranian denials are becoming laughable (unless you are from the SurrenderMedia). To move new weapons hot off the assembly line and into the battle just recently started in Iraq – given the time it takes to secretly transport these weapons from Iran and into the hands of the Mahdi Army – means these weapons are being diverted with full knowledge from the Iranian state. Why? Because Iran cannot have weapons like these simply disappearing from the production lines and falling into the hands of the Iranian resistance forces who oppose the Mad Mullahs of Tehran.

Not sure why people cannot face the evidence right in front of them – but who cares in the end? As I suspected ,Iran’s recent support for the crack down by Maliki on Sadr’s forces was probably a public relations move to distance itself from the evidence of Iranian involvement which would arise from taking out Mahdi weapons caches. Just because the gullible SurrenderMedia continues to deny the mounting evidence doesn’t mean everyone else is so easily snowed. Iran tried to fight a proxy war and has been caught red handed.

The Persian tried to take over the Shiite Arab lands of Southern Iraq. And that makes Sadr Iraq’s version of Benedict Arnold – which is why the Arab Shiite street is greeting his demise with celebration and relief.

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  1. preachingpatriot says:

    Sadr’s total asset/liability in Iraqi eyes is far more on the up side than American occupiers, his unpopularity in certain Salfi/Sunni circles

    On the arms leakage, America can’t protect its borders from illegal
    invasions. Why demand Iran protect its border any better? That said,
    Iran has friends in all Shia factions and might be simply telling
    America, time to negotiate with us if you want out smoothly.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Clearly Preachie is clueless about the split between Arabs and Persians and why Arabs will fight any attempted take over by the Persians in Iran.

    Of course facts never enter into Preachies fantasies.

  3. “LECHERHATERIDIOT”: AJ just in effect, “pants’ed” you!


    Now your…ah….er…..”shortcomings” are exposed for the whole world to see!


    Well done AJ!

  4. Cobalt Shiva says:

    On the arms leakage, America can’t protect its borders from illegal
    invasions. Why demand Iran protect its border any better?

    OK, following the bouncing ball:

    1. These weapons were made THIS PAST MONTH in Iran, for the Iranian government.

    2. They arrived in Iraq in time to be used by the Mahdi Army in this latest farce.

    3. Covertly smuggling these weapons from Iran into Iraq without the knowledge of the Iranian government would require significantly more time than one month.

    4. Therefore, said smuggling would require the active involvement of the Iranian government to arrive within one month of manufacture.

    5. Alternative hypothesis: the Iranian government is so dangerously inept at securing their lethal hardware that they have no effing business equipping their forces with anything more dangerous than plastic sporks, and the world needs to force Iran to adopt said equipment standard posthaste. (If those weapons can wander into Iraq, they can wander elsewhere.)

    Did your parents have any children that lived?

  5. AJStrata says:


    Next time you write the post – you said it clearer than I did!

  6. WWS says:

    A thought on the smuggling, Cobalt (by the way, I’ve always enjoyed that moniker) related to why Basra and it’s affiliated port, Umm Qasr were so important.

    Iran can’t ship anything in by air – nothing flies in or out without the US approving it. Smuggling over the roads is possible, but difficult with large tonnages of weapons. Roads are one of the easiest access points to control with checkpoints and inspections, and they are well covered. Of course weapons can be carried overland by backpack, but not in any bulk, certainly not enough to supply an army.

    So where do you bring them in? How about a major port facility completely controlled by the intended recipients, which you can sail your cargo ships into anytime you want? Like the port at Umm Qasr, held by the Mahdi Army until the recent action by the IA?

    here’s a handy wiki pic I found:


    Those massive unloading cranes used to belong to the Mahdi Army. No more.

    That’s why Basra was so important, even though so many (and especially the Brits) were tut-tutting to the effect of “why here? why not Sadr City first, it’s closer?” Basra was where all the Mahdi’s supply lines were – anything they wanted, anything they desired, could come in scrutiny free there.

    But now that door, open for all these years while Brit forces played tiddlywinks in their bases, has been slammed shut. Finally!

  7. Cobalt Shiva says:

    WWS, excellent points regarding logistics. With the Umm Qasr MSR (Main Supply Route) shut down, Sadr’s thugs are down to what munitions they can smuggle overland or can break out of stockpile.

    Of course, that leaves open the question, “What next?”

    One possibility might be a concerted effort by the Mahdi Army to retake Umm Qasr and Basra. A real long shot might involve Iran invading (on a pretext of stopping an allegedly “Iraqi-sponsored” outbreak of subversion and violence in Iran–a la Gleiwicz–and/or resolving the Shatt-al-Arab waterway dispute).

  8. VA Voter says:

    I would hope that the US military is trying to determine from interrogations of detainees, satellite, UAV and humint where and how the Iranian arms are entering Iraq.

    Wouldn’t it be delicious to have the smugglers vaporized 100 ft inside Iraq territory on a regular basis?

  9. browngreengold says:

    The Pontificating Pissant reveals his idiocy once again.

    Of course, what else is there?

  10. Neo says:

    THE US war in Iraq has strengthened its strategic position, especially in terms of key alliances, and the only way this could be reversed would be if it lost the will to continue the struggle and abandoned Iraq in defeat and disarray.

    This is certainly different.

  11. Boghie says:

    By George Cobalt. I think you’ve got it!!!

    And, Preachy Truther, I don’t think you’ve got it 🙁

    Sauron’s eye will soon fall on the last of al-Qaeda’s strong holds – the tribal regions of Pakistan. There will be many tragic accidents. Much debris from practice airburst rounds. A LCpl accidentally targeting a ‘wedding party’. Oh, the tragedy.

    By the way, how are the turds in northwest Pak/southeast Afghanistan supplied?

    Iran must love having ‘friendlies’ to the north, south, east, and west.

    Every time I think of Jimmah Carter and the Iranian Hostage fiasco I become more friendly.

  12. Redteam says:

    preaching said: 

    On the arms leakage, America can’t protect its borders from illegal invasions.

    that statement may be true, but if missiles and rocket launchers were crossing the border into Mexico, you can bet the government would ‘know’ about it. 

  13. Whippet1 says:

    This is off topic but you really need to read this article. It is absolutely stunning in its arrogance and intolerance…as it discusses intolerance by a certain section of the country. Read the whole thing, it shows the MSM and left for exactly what they are… via hotair